When I was little Momma told me stories about Abraham Lincoln and what a wonderful man he was. When she said Lincoln's eyes were hazel and mine were too, I wanted to be just like him. So I dumped the rest of my oatmeal in the garbage and with the empty box I made myself a stovepipe hat. I got a piece of charcoal out of the fireplace to use to blacken my chin to look like a beard.

Proud of how I looked, I walked in long, confident strides to Grandma's house across the street. She greeted me and asked just who I was suppose to be. "Abraham Lincoln," I said. "I'm pretending you are the lady that lives seven miles from my store and I came to bring you your change." And I handed her my three cat-eye marbles. She said I was honest, just like Abraham Lincoln.

Of course, I ate the peanut butter cookie and milk Grandma gave me. "What's honesty, Grandma?" I asked. She told me that Abraham Lincoln was a very good example of honesty. Honesty is returning three cents that don't belong to you. Honesty is studying for exams so you don't want to cheat from your neighbors. Honesty is holding strong to your ideals. Honesty is communicating with people in a truthful way.