Here is a poem I wrote for one of our activity nights. I took pictures of every girl; one nice one and several funny (silly) ones. Then we scrap booked a layout with the nice picture being and 8x10 and the fun ones being regular size. I had this poem typed for their page. Before they started, I told them the parable of the squash.

I had planted a beautiful yellow squash in my garden this summer and several rows away I planted yummy Zucchini squash. All went as planned with gorgeous yellow and shiny zucchini squashes being picked often.. Then, all of a sudden, the yellow squash decided that it didn't think it was as beautiful as the shiny zucchini. Suddenly, my yellow squashes were turning
green. They didn't taste as good either. And... the zucchini wasn't happy all shiny and green~ it started getting all bumpy and gross. I thought that if I took the Yellow Squash out that maybe the zucchini would remember what God had designed it to be but alas it didn't. I ended up having to take them both out. I told the girls that God made each of them to be different from each other with their own unique qualities. He didn't want them to try to be someone else because he made them and loved them just like they were. then we worked one their own pages.

One of a Kind

My hair is blonde, yours is too,
My eyes are brown and yours are blue.
We are the same in many a way,
Different in others, I hear them say.
But that's ok because you'll find
God made me to be 'one of a kind'.
Nobody laughs just like me,
Can ski down a mountain on their knee.
No one feels things the way I do,
Or will be a friend that is quite so true.
But that's ok because you'll find
God made me to be 'one of a kind'.
There are billions of stars up there in the sky,
None twinkle alike, they don't even try.
There are thousands of girls, some good, some in trouble,
We may look the same, but you'll find no double.
But that's ok because you'll find
God made me to be 'one of a kind'.

Trisha Rogers ~ 2007