One day, the carpenter's tools had a conference. Brother Hammer was in the chair. Upon bringing the meeting to order, he said he understood that there were complaints among his fellow tools and he thought it would be good to discuss it openly together.

"Yes, Brother Saw, what is your complaint?"

Brother Saw stood up and said, "It's that little Bro. Pencil. He gets on everyone's nerves, he is so small. He can't be found when he's needed and when he's doing service, he is so blunt at times that he makes very bad impressions. He certainly needs to be sharpened up a bit around here if he expects to be of any use!"
Little Brother Pencil slowly rose to his feet and said "All right, perhaps I am a little blunt at times. It's only when I spend too long a time in service that I'm like that, but at least I'm not like Brother Drill and his family of small bits. They are always going around in circles, and really, Bro. Drill seems just a bit boring."
Brother Drill and his family of small bits stood up and replied, "Yes, I know we have a reputation for going in circles, but at least we are not like Bro. Plane. You really have to push him to get him to do anything at all. And then, all of his work is on the surface. There certainly is no depth to his work like there is to ours."
All eyes turned to Bro. Plane to see what he would say. Quickly Bro. Plane spoke up.

"Brothers, I guess I'm not the only one around here that has to be pushed to do anything or that has no depth to his service. Brother Sandpaper is worse than I am."

Brother Sandpaper was somewhat new in their midst. "Besides, look how rough he is. I just can't stand being next to him. He just rubs me the wrong way. How he could accomplish any good in his service being so rough, I'll never know."

That remark made Brother Sandpaper really angry. "Brother Plane is just jealous, that's all! And while everyone is complaining, I'd like to complain about Brother Rule. He makes me grit my teeth; always measuring others by his standards as though he's the only one who is right around here. How about Bro. Level? He is so exacting! And there's Brother Compass and Brother Tape Measure and that Brother Punch doesn't finish what he starts most of the time."

Well, the tools were really getting hot. Their tempers were flaring. All seemed to have legitimate complaints against one another, but just then, when some were even getting ready to walk out of the carpenters hall, some thinking that they were not useful or needed, who should walk in but the Master Carpenter from Nazareth. He had come to perform his work for the day. His Father had asked him to build a house that they could both dwell in and he was now almost finished with it. He put his work clothes on and started to finish the work his Father had given him to do. He used every tool.

Now someone else appeared on the scene. It was the carpenter's Father. How thrilled and pleased He was to see what His Son had accomplished. "How did you do it, my Son?" asked the Father.
"I put to good use all of the tools that I bought and how I love every one of them. I paid a high price for them, Father, but they are well worth it. See the hammer over there? He is so useful for both the work of tearing down and building up. He is very effective in service because he really hits the nail on the head. He's a very solid worker, I must say. Then there is the saw. He's really pretty sharp and puts his teeth into the work, constantly going back and forth in one area at a time for very effective service. I am certainly happy to have my pencil. Although he's not very big and I have to sharpen him from time to time, just like some of the other tools, he is very useful in the correcting and marking work.

"Father, here is another tool I just couldn't be without. Big drill and these small bits of his family. They are all so good at reaching deep into the heart and are always leaving the way open for additional work. And just look at this plane. He is so handy to have around in service. He's such a smooth worker and doesn't bite off more than he can handle at one time. He is certainly good at overcoming obstacles as well. And do you see Brother Level over there? He has a good eye for balance and is very levelheaded. And although little Bro. Punch is very small, with the assistance of Brother Hammer, he does an excellent job of driving his point home. Although Brother Tape Measure is small in size, he is always extending himself to meet various circumstances and, like Brother Rule, is accurate in his statements. Even my new tools, like Brother Sandpaper, I wouldn't want to do without him. Although there is a certain roughness, he will wind up with smooth results. So you see Father, I'm thankful because I have this variety of tools. With their service, I will finish your house. Let me show you around the rest of the building."

Well, upon their leaving, all of the carpenter's tools started rejoicing because each received compliments from the Master and saw how pleased his Father was with what they all had accomplished together.

Brother Hammer now again rose in the midst and said, "Brothers, I perceive that all of us are needed. For although we all may have our weak points at times, and we do not do things exactly the way others think we should, whether we are old or new, large or small, we are all important tools in the hands of the Master Carpenter."