Do you feel like we "sandwich" in learning about the gospel in between everything else we need to do, and most of the time it turns out to be a jam sandwich? Let's make a sandwich together and see what it takes to turn a sandwich into a real picnic.

Bread (2 slices): First you need a strong foundation. Who is our foundation? (Christ). How do we get close to Him? (Pray and study the scriptures)

Butter: Next we need to spread some love. If we show love to each other and truly care about each other we will be more receptive to learning.

Mustard: We must be prepared! Let's muster up the courage to answer a question or make a comment in class that will add to the lesson.

Miracle Whip: When you spread praise to others, it acts like a miracle agent.

Meat: Every sandwich needs meat! It's fun to be sociable, but don't distract yourself or others. This keeps you from getting to the meat of the lesson.

Cheese: We all need to feel like the Big Cheese once in a while! Let's remember to root for someone else. You never know what a boost you can give to others when you cheer them on.

Lettuce: Lettuce all come prepared to learn, whether it be school or church...keep an open mind.

Bread (2nd slice): The topper is to remember that we are all children of God.

Pickles: Never put yourself in a pickle by cheating or not being true to yourself. Knowledge is one of the few things we take with us in the next life...don't cheat yourself!

Chips: Everyone needs to chip in and do their part? How is that? Well, if you do your assignments or fulfill your responsibilities, you come prepared to participate in any class and you therefore contribute.

Drink: Don't forget to add some sparkle and enthusiasm.

Ants: No picnic is complete without ants! If we didn't get 'bugged' by outside influences once in a while, we may take for granted the spirit we are privileged to feel.