alt Buy a blank calendar (scrap booking stores or Kinko's)
alt Take 12 special pictures of the two of you.
alt Use stickers

Decorate your calendar. Put a pictures of the two of you, one for each month. Put the stickers wherever you want and add any special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Then make up days that will be special days. Put them all throughout the year. Make-up certain rules for that day. Such as, on 3-minute kiss day, every time you see each other you must kiss each other for 3 minutes!

Some Special Day Ideas are:

hugging day
3 minute kiss day
special dinner date day
cocoa and stars day, etc.
His Hobby Day (the two of you do his favorite hobby)
Her hobby Day (same as above)
Wink day
Holding hands day
Treasure Hunt Day (one person plans this)
Sun-tanning Day (just the two of you)
Nature walk Day
Sleep Under The Stars Day (or Night)
Manicure Day (give each other manicures)
Pedicure Day (same as above)
Massage Day- 5 minute massages whenever you see each other throughout the day. Then at night a full-body massage.

Credit: Homemaking Cottage