alt Build Your own Mista Potato Head - Drag, drop and dress your own Mr. Potato Head
alt Crazy Cartoons - (pdf document) Do any of your children love to draw? If so, you'll have to print this out. Just use tracing paper and they can create different cartoons each time. You can laminate them and bind them into a mini book. You can use them to make Shrinky Dinks (remember those?) or just to doodle
alt Game Ideas for long trips
alt Just for Fun


alt An attorney's advice (very good!)
alt Check out what the banana can do for you!
alt Common Net Acronyms
alt Dating Divas New Books
alt Did you know that.....
alt Do-It-Yourself Children's Desk by Karin
alt Dollar Making Website - Make your own pretend money with your photo on the front. Use for chore money or any other reason...really fun!
alt Duct Tape Tie
alt Household Hints
alt How to apply vinyl lettering
alt LDS ring tones for your cell phone
alt Lunches with Love - Lunch Ideas for your children
alt Make your own Marshmallow Gun
alt Money Origami 
alt Old Facts
alt Oreo Pops
alt Organizing Craft Ideas by Karin
alt Paper Dolls With A Twist
alt Recipe for Play dough
alt Refrigerator Relief - Fun idea to clear the clutter from the front of your fridge
alt Road Trips with Children (a fun idea....)
alt So you think you know everything??
alt Some great uses for WD40
alt The Spice Rack
alt Tooth Fairy Gazebo - a great thing to use when the tooth fairy needs to stop for a visit.


alt Making Friends Paper Dolls
alt Patty Reed Paper Dolls


alt Acme Label Maker - Make your own label graphics...for free! Kind of fun!
alt Bingo Cards - Make your own...awesome website!
alt Create your own game boards
alt Free Patterns - they have all sorts of free craft patterns for crochet, knitting, plastic canvas and a lot of alt other things. It is free to join their site and you can download and print as many patterns as you wish...and they are always adding new patterns.
alt Oriental Trading Company
alt U.S. Toy Company