I dressed up as Moses, with my bathrobe and a pillowcase tied around my head with a tie, no shoes, and my closet rod as a staff. My counselor who was conducting introduced a "special visitor" for sharing time, and I walked in. I introduced myself as Moses, I wrote the first 5 books of the old testament, a prophet, got the ten commandments, etc. I told them that the story I was going to tell them could be found in Exodus.

I started just telling the story - how my people were slaves, been there for 430 years, chosen people of the Lord, etc. The Lord wanted the people to be free, he would send plagues to the Egyptians until they were free, I explained what a plague is. I said - I went to Pharaoh and said "let my people go" but Pharaoh said "No" so the Lord said "I Will keep my promise".
I then told them about the first plague, showed the item, described what it must have been like to live through it, then repeated the let my people go part. With junior primary I had them say it along with me, senior is waayyy too sophisticated for that...

I repeated this for each plague, used a variety of different props that I think have been posted already. For the final plague, for junior I tried to keep it a little light, they are incredibly young as I mentioned earlier. But for senior, I really wanted them to get how this plague really showed that the Lord would do whatever it takes to free his chosen people. When I described the blood of the sacrificial lamb on the door I asked them where they heard of "blood of the lamb" before, and I talked to them for a minute about Christ's blood saving us, tried to have them see the type of Christ in this story. I told the whole story very animatedly, mostly trying to keep their attention, but when I talked about Christ, and the Passover, I lowered my voice to be more reverent, and the whole room just was quiet and still, and the Spirit was there.

I ended with my testimony about the Lord keeping his promises, and that we need to listen to today's prophet to hear what promises the Lord might be making today. The whole sharing time was a lot of me talking, but I think the kids got it and enjoyed it.