(Extra Versus for Ancient Prophets Sung to the song, "Follow the Prophet")

Lehi was a prophet, sailed across the sea
From Jerusalem the Lord told him to flee
Coming off the boat, he knelt down in the sand
Heavenly Father led him to the Promised Land.

Samuel was a prophet who stood upon a wall
Told to teach the Nephites, repentance was his call
He told them Christ would come soon, born in Bethlehem
Samuel knew the signs and told all this to them.

Nephi was a prophet chosen by the Lord
Told to get the brass plates using Laban's sword
He knew he would do right by the Lord's command
The plates would teach the Nephites of the Gospel Plan.

Abinadi the prophet stood before the king
A message of repentance he did surely bring
King Noah became angry and called his guards to kill
They couldn't touch the prophet 'til he'd finished the Lord's will.

Ammon was a prophet, called to serve a King
Fearlessly he guarded the sheep with sword and sling
Lamoni thought that Ammon might a spirit be,
Ammon replied, "No, I just want to teach thee."

Alma was a prophet, who heard Abinadi
The only man who listened before the prophet died.
He fled to the forest, teaching many souls
Two hundred were baptized in the waters cold.