Here are some personal progress motivator ideas that my sister and I came up with. The starred ones are some that I found on the internet and the others are what we thought of. For handouts you could include the actual item that goes with the saying or find some cute clipart of the object or whatever. My plan is to give one handout a month on a specific Sunday and then an additional handout that I would take to each girls home during the month as well (Our ward boundaries are small).

alt (*) Personal Progress is like bubbles, it can really lift you up (attached to a bottle of bubbles)

alt (*) Do your Personal Progress and see what develops (attach a piece of undeveloped film to the card)

alt (*) "Shell" we do our Personal Progress (attach a sea shell to the card)

alt (*) Personal Progress can make you glow (attach to a candle)

alt (*) SHHhhh! I'm working on my Personal Progress (put it on one of those cards you can hang from your bedroom door)

alt (*) "Chews" to do Personal Progress (attach a piece of gum to the card)

alt (*) A "Do"Nut can say whatever you want. Do Not Forgets are the best.

alt (*) Try Gummie Bears with "We are 'beary' proud" of your goals achieved in Personal Progress.

alt Get hooked on Personal Progess! (attach Swedish Fish)

alt "Chip" in and do your Personal Progress - or Personal Progress: CHIP in and do your part (bag of chips)

alt Rise to the top by doing your Personal Progress. (Balloon)

alt Personal Progress can be SEW much fun. (Needle and Thread)

alt Pencil in a time for Personal Progress. (Attached to a pencil)

alt Completing your goals reflects your individual worth. (Mirror)

alt Just popped by to remind you to do your Personal Progress. (Microwave popcorn)

alt Reaching your goals is a piece of cake. (Could use cake mix or something)

alt Completing your goals is as easy as pie (piece of pie)

alt You'd have to be NUTS not to do your PP. (Bag of mixed nuts)

alt Discover your potential and do your PP (magnifying glass or toy telescope)

alt Have a ball doing your personal progress (giant gum ball or small bouncy ball)

alt Stick to your goals (Stickers or gum)

alt Making goals can CHANGE your life (Chocolate coins)

alt Push forward and complete your personal progress (Candy pushpop)

alt Do Personal Progress and SHINE (candle)

alt Let your true colors show with Personal Progress (crayons)

alt Make time for PP. (Candy watch)

alt Brush up on your Personal Progress (Toothbrush or doll brush)

alt Just a reminder to do your Personal Progress (Sticky reminder notes)

alt Personal Progress is a bright idea! (Candle or small flashlight)

alt Polish up on your goals. (Fingernail polish)

alt Whistle while you work and do Personal Progress (candy whistle)

alt Here's a tip: Do your Personal Progress (pencil)

alt Completing your goals is worth more than a grand (100 grand candy bar)

alt Do something with BLOOM and give a flower

alt Say something like: " Create fun memories with Personal Progress" and do something with a Scrapbook page.

alt Talk about them being a sweetheart and give Sweetarts

alt Do a cute lion punchart and say something like "I'm not LION when I say Personal Progress is fun"

alt "Here's the scoop: " and give with ice cream. - this would be good at an activity.