alt  Create a "Word of Wisdom" restaurant. Take on the role of host, cook, or server. Let children be the customers. Serve the children a small amount of good food to taste. Announce that the restaurant only serves foods that are good for people (fruits, vegetables, grains, a little bit of meat). As children are tasting the foods, continue to state that the restaurant does not sell alcohol, tobacco, drugs, coffee, and tea. It is called Word of Wisdom Restaurant because it only sells things that are good for children. (Idea by Barbara Culatta and Lee Ann Setzer)
alt  I collected a variety of healthy and not so healthy foods. On two paper grocery bags I put a smiley face or a frowning face. I placed all of the items on the floor and had them sort them as healthy or unhealthy. We discussed the difference being that healthy foods made your body strong and happy while the other foods made your body sick and sad. There were a lot of foods that could go either way. (ie. juice) In these instances we talked about how eating too much of the food could be bad for your body. Some children were also confused about how a food like cookies that tasted good and made them happy could be unhealthy and make their bodies sad. Here we discussed the effects of sugar on your teeth and body. They really learned a lot about foods and their effects on our bodies.
alt  My Body is a Temple
alt  Using masking tape, mark off an area on the floor in a large triangle. Then use the tape to mark off sections of the triangle to create the Food Guide Pyramid. You can find this in lots of places, including many cereal boxes. When the girls arrive, depending on what month you are going to do this activity, have a short lesson to begin. It can be on the Word of Wisdom or on general nutrition and why it is important, whatever will fit your theme. After the lesson, pass out things the girls can cut pictures of food from without telling them what you are going to do with them. You can use cooking magazines, grocery ads (those are excellent sources), whatever you don't mind them cutting up. Once they are finished, go around the circle several times having each girl put a food in its proper place on the pyramid. Be sure to discuss how many servings of each kind of food are recommended as well as how much of a certain food constitutes a serving. For example, a sandwich has two slices of bread but each slice counts as a serving. (Idea by Angie Rhodes)
alt  Word of Wisdom Fair 
alt  Word of Wisdom Hidden Message


alt Food Clipart - Fruits, Vegetables and things against the Word of Wisdom


alt Coloring Sheet from Christy's Clipart


alt Nutrition / Word of Wisdom


 Family Home Evening Lesson on Word of Wisdom by Janetta Graham
alt Get some clipart of good food and bad food, cigarettes, alcohol, etc. Then take 2 paper sacks and put a smiley face on one and a sad face on the other. Have your children decide which bag to put each one into. 
alt I will keep my mind and body pure by LDS Living 
alt Refer to the article, "To Run and Not be Weary". Read the Word of Wisdom in D&C 89, and talk about what kinds of exercise would improve the health of your family. Take a walk or jog together. Ride your bicycles, or play an active, outdoor game. [Idea taken from the October 2006 New Era
alt Word of Wisdom 
alt Palabras de Sabiduria by Hatch Patch Creations (SPANISH) 


alt Handout idea - printable 
alt Satan's Trap
alt Word of Wisdom Quote


alt Auto Body Maintenance (2007 BYU Women's Conference) - Maintaining your health is much like maintaining your car. Our "motors" will run much smoother and we will get better "mileage" if we go in for regular maintenance. Learn recommendations for important health screenings such as PAP tests, mammograms, etc.
alt Cola Drinks and Caffeine 
alt Washington Post - I thought this article would be handy for teaching the Word of Wisdom, especially the part about conspiring men.  While the tobacco companies run "stop smoking" ads, they put more nicotine into the cigarettes to make it harder to quit.
alt Word of Wisdom  - Receiving Inspiration by Boyd K. Packer


alt Word of Wisdom Promises, May 1965 Friend 
alt Word of Wisdom Singing Time by Aubrey Chaves


alt A plan for protecting our bodies 
alt Armor of God - This object lesson could be used to show how we lose protection when we sin.
alt Egg Object Lesson 
alt Nutrition and the Word of Wisdom  


alt Word of Wisdom Promise - Funstuf from November 2006 Friend
alt Word of Wisdom Scenarios 


alt Word of Wisdom Talk (a talk prepared for Primary)


Word of Wisdom Picture Puzzler 


alt One Liners 
alt Quick Quotes 


alt Primary Squares by Connie Cook - (Tic/Tac/Toe Game)
alt Word of Wisdom Skit 


alt How the Word of Wisdom came to be 
alt Jenny's Pearls (we can sacrifice our bad habits for something better)
alt The Kite (Story along with a candy bar handout)
alt To Run and not be Weary from the October 2006 New Era


alt Run and not be weary by L. Tom Perry
alt The Word of Wisdom: The Principle and the Promises by Boyd K. Packer


alt A video clip that you also might consider for Word of Wisdom is in the movie "Kicking and Screaming" with Will Ferrel.  He's a soccer coach I believe who's addicted to caffeine. There's a cute scene where the kids take the coffee away from him, recognizing the effects of caffeine on their coach! 
alt To introduce the lesson I played a clip from Indiana Jones - the one where they are searching for the holy grail. Anyway, it's the part where the old dude tells them to choose wisely and the bad guy doesn't of course, and he fills the cup with water from the pool and drinks it and then disintegrates right before their eyes (very graphic). Then the old dude says, "He chose poorly". I told the kids it wasn't water that he put in the cup, but Mountain Dew. They loved it. (Idea by Kim Malacko / ga03072007)


alt Couch to 5K - The idea is that, within 2 months, you'll go from being a non-runner to running a 5k (3 miles) race.
alt Word of Wisdom 
alt Word of Wisdom Living