Aubrey Brennan....also know as "Gospel Girl" on her blog, recently wrote a blog post called, "10 Things You Wish You Would Have Brought With You [on your mission]".  She listed some great ideas, which you can find here.  

I posted the same question on Facebook and received some great responses.  If you have other ideas you'd like to share, please post them using the comment section below.  

* Become a signer on your child's bank account. It's hard to get balances and other info if you're not a signer. (Sarah Peck)

* Make sure the driver's license and bank cards and passports don't expire during the mission. Get passwords to facebook, all social media, telephone, school accounts and banks accounts and anything else. It's a good thing to have if something happens. (Ann Snider) 

* We bought our son a little digital photo key ring that can hold about 50 photos. He downloaded his favorite family pics to it before he left. (Sarah Leonard) 

* My mom sent me a little photo album of my baby blessing, baptism, me in front of the temple, my family etc. I LOVED it. Not only did I get to see pictures of my family, but those I taught loved to see my family too. Plus, I was able to pull it out and use it when I taught lessons. (Kristiana Clark)

 * In Aubrey's blog post, she shared an idea about a Testimony Glove (see above photo).  If you are interested in this you can find it here and here.  (Also, here is a great Family Home Evening on the Testimony Glove.)

* There is a great blog Cherylann Brown does such a great job adding great and fun ideas. She has a favorites for missionaries printable that they can fill out for you to have on hand with great information on it. She also has such fantastic ideas for the cutest care packages for your missionary. Check out her blog if you are a missionary mom. (Valerie Talbot)

* Get their garment sizes an styles before they leave!! Also, there is a "cheat" card out there with all the blessings and the way they should be said, it's a good one for them to carry around in their scriptures (Wendy Anderson)

*  Take photocopies of all their important papers. While I was on my mission, my wallet with my ID and passport was stolen. Having copies of everything would have made life easier. (Kimberly Kennedy)

* Write down their clothing/shoe sizes before they leave so if they need you to send them more clothing, you'll know their sizes.  (Teri Hanks)