Guidelines for Priesthood and Primary Leaders 


Priesthood Preview is a meeting designed to strengthen each Valiant 11 boy’s commitment to prepare himself to receive the priesthood. The program focuses on each boy’s personal responsibility to learn and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

(Note: In these guidelines, instructions for wards apply also to branches, and instructions for bishops apply also to branch presidents.) 


 All Valiant 11 boys and their parents should attend the Priesthood Preview. The bishop, bishopric adviser to the Primary, Primary president, and teacher of the Valiant 11 boys should also attend. 

The Priesthood Preview is usually held on a ward level so each boy can participate fully and feel the personal love and interest of his parents and leaders. If wards have very few Valiant 11 boys, the program may be held on a multi-ward or stake level. 


The Priesthood Preview is usually held in November.


The planning committee for the Priesthood Preview includes the bishop, the bishopric adviser to the Primary, the Primary president, and the teacher of the Valiant 11 boys.  If the meeting is held on a stake level, the planning committee is under the direction of the stake president. The committee includes the high council adviser to the Primary and the stake Primary President. Representatives from each of the wards could be involved.

The planning committee determines the day, time, and place for the meeting. The committee also plans the program and invites the speakers to participate.

One Valiant 11 boy will be asked to prepare a brief talk, and all of the boys will sing the closing song. Other than this, however, the boys should not be involved in preparing the program. It is for them, and they are honored guests.


The bishop conducts the meeting, following the outline below

  1. Greeting and welcome – Bishop (or stake president if the meeting is held on a stake level)

  2. Song: “Onward, Christian Soldiers” (Hymns, no. 246) – Congregation

  3. Prayer: Assigned

  4. Presentation: “Priesthood: Power to Serve Others” – Bishopric adviser to the Primary

  5. Presentation: “Priesthood: Living a Christ-like Life” – Teacher of the Valiant 11 boys (if a man) or a father of one of the boys

  6. Response: “How Parents Can Help Their Sons Prepare to Receive the Priesthood” – Father

  7. Response: “How I Can Prepare to Receive the Priesthood” – Valiant 11 boy

  8. Presentation: “Priesthood: Personal Preparation” – Bishop

  9. Song: “A Young Man Prepared” (Children’s Songbook,  p. 166) – Valiant 11 boys

  10. Prayer: Assigned