Capture the exciting form of a hurricane in a soda bottle! Adults may need to help with the assembly,

but the thrill of creating a cyclonic storm is left to your child.

     What You Will Need:

     - 2 soda bottles, large or small, work fine

     - steel washer with a small hole, the same width as the bottle opening

     - electrical tape

Fill one of the bottles three fourths full of water. Tape the washer to the opening by crisscrossing the tape over the washer and bottle, and then cutting the hole open again with a small knife. Place the other bottle upside down on top of the taped washer, and tape securely into place.

To make the hurricane, have your child flip the bottles over, water on top, and place them on a table. Quickly grasp the lower bottle with one hand and the upper bottle with the other. Move the top bottle in a wide circle before the water runs down, and watch the whirling formation of a hurricane between your fingers!