I created this booklet for Primary 6 teachers to make the New Testament exciting....  Instead of having a "lesson" each week, you will take a "journey" into the Old Testament.  This can be used in many ways, but here is what I had in mind as I made it.

COVER PAGE [pdf] - Each child can color the main page however they'd like.  They can draw a picture of themself (a passport photo) and write them name on it.

INSIDE PAGES - Each lesson has one "journey" card.  In the first box, they write "who" was mentioned in the lesson.  In the second box, they summarize what the lesson was about.  The third box is an area for them to record scriptures mentioned in the lesson or on the board for them to reference later.  When the three boxes are complete, they can get a passport sticker signifying they are ready for the next journey.

Single page cards - [pdf]

Back to back cards (with lines) - [pdf].  Just print page 1 on front and page 2 on back, page 3 on front and page 4 on back.....odd pages on front and even on back.

Back to back cards (without lines) - [pdf].  I removed the lines and omited the scripture box area to increase the amount of room for writing about the lesson.  This would be especially helpful for younger children (those with the younger Valiant classes) with larger handwriting.

PASSPORT STICKERS [pdf] Black/White - You can print this two page file on paper (and use a glue stick to put it on) or print it directly on sticker paper.  Either works fine.  These stickers are only available in b/w.  You could bring crayons or colored pencils to class and have them color their set.  Sorry!!! 

PASSPORT STICKERS [pdf] COLOR - Gina Hinton has provided the stickers in color...thank you!!!! (ga01182014)

You can use the back of each card for a weekly challenge.  Have them write a goal they will work on for the coming week on the back of the card.  Leave a comment below to share ideas on how you plan on using these cards.  Best wishes!!!