alt Paper bag albums - You take 3 paper lunch bags and fold them in half. Punch 4 - 5 holes along the left hand side to make it look like a book. Decorate in "scrapbook" style and add pictures and journaling. Very easy. - Click here to get instructions on how to make paper bag albums. - See examples of this craft: Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4

alt Broom Hockey

alt Building the Kingdom of God Game

alt Career Night

Conference Casseroles 

alt Stone Soup Night

alt Picnic Ants

alt Indoor Garden Party by Christy Etter

alt We bought clear glass dinner plates (K-Mart) and printed on the plate "Woman of Good Works", "Woman of Faith", "Woman of Knowledge", etc. We only did a few of the values because some of them are more difficult such as choice and accountability. Anyway, each girl brought a dozen homemade treats; cookies, brownies, etc. Then we filled the plates. We then had the girls think about the sisters in our ward and nominate a sister that they felt exemplified one of these values and explain why. After the list was complete, the girls narrowed it down and voted who to deliver the plates to. When we got to the sisters' houses we gave them the plates and told them why they were an example of that specific value. The girls really enjoyed it and needless to say the sisters LOVED it. The girls want to do it every year. (Idea shared by Susan Wilson / ga10272007)

alt Get to know you books by Sami Melinkovich - Helping your bishopric get to know your Young Women.

alt Scrapbook Picture Frames and Other Goodies - You could do this for any season, just use seasonal scrapbook paper. Fun, quick, easy and cute!

alt I played a game in my class that was really effective. It kind of was under the premise of "The Apprentice". I divided the girls in two teams and one of them agreed to be the team leader. It was her job to help each one in their group to memorize the scripture (or hymn) whatever you wanted them to learn, and at the end of 15 minutes (or whatever time limit you set), the teams would have to perform. We ended up giving everyone a prize but they didn't know that in the beginning. So, it is off your shoulders of how to teach them--they have to work together as a team effort and figure out a way to be most effective in having everyone learn it themselves. It was fun! (Idea by Kathy Cox)

alt Attend the dress rehearsals of your local ballet, opera, or theater. Many times tickets are extremely low priced, or even free. Call to find out.

alt Gaming with a twist by Nanci Jarman

alt ABC Scavenger Hunt

alt Photo Scavenger Hunt

alt Spa Night by Desiree Crosby

alt Making Suckers

alt Beauty Night - one class had a great time doing nails, facials, and hot oil treatments for hair and make-up. The girls were asked to bring things to share (nail polish, make-up). This was done at the advisors home. They also enjoyed some healthy snacks.

alt Cinnamon Rolls - the Laurels learned how to make cinnamon rolls one night from our Laurel Advisor. This was a lot of fun. We had about 6 girls come and they each made their own batch to take home. Yummm!!

alt HOME Blocks

alt Have an activity where members of the ward can introduce the youth to different careers. Under the direction of the bishop and your youth leaders, invite several ward members to present some interesting facts or demonstrations about their careers, combined with some advice on educational courses that would help in their chosen fields. [Idea from October 2006 New Era]

alt Traveling Values Dinner - Each young woman should bring her mother (or another woman she is close to, if mother is not available). Have a committee of four plan the activity. Each home is assigned one or two Values. The girl and her mother are to work together on a game, song or story to teach the Value color, Value scripture, and/or Value definition. Some may use crossword puzzles, memorization, or color songs, etc. Each activity is planned for the various houses. After the short game, song, or activity is over, serve a food item in the color of the Value or Values that were focused on in that house. Examples are: pineapple/banana slush at one house (Good Works), green vegetables with a white dip at another (Knowledge/Faith), red jello jigglers (Individual Worth), and blue cake with purple frosting (Divine Nature/Integrity), etc. Be creative! Balloons in the Value color for that house are hung on the mailbox.

alt Letter nights are always fun. We had a "P" night - PJ's, pizza, pink and pillows, etc. Or "M" - Movies, Munchies, Mauve, etc. Just choose a letter, color and some items you want to go with them. Challenge each girl to wear as much of the assigned color as possible. So if it is "pink" have them wear pink pj's, earrings, hair scrunchies, socks, fingernail polish, etc.

alt Cookbook - Compile a cookbook for use by missionaries, Laurels who will be going away to college, or college students. This is good for the Laurel class in preparation for college.

alt Values Quilt: Make a quilt with squares representing the Young Women Values.

alt Leadership Training Sleepover - Present four 20 minute workshops: 1) Positive Attitude, 2) Friendship, 3) Time Management and 4) Personal Progress. After a night of snacks, games, and fun, end the activity with a simple breakfast. Follow up with a leadership training lesson at your next class presidency meeting on Daily Spiritual Preparation.

alt Articles of Faith - Have ingredients of a banana split to be earned for each Article of Faith memorized and repeated perfectly that night. These ingredients include the bowl, spoon, ice cream, bananas, various toppings, whipped cream, nuts, etc.

alt Ice Cream Sculpturing

alt Emergency Kit Supply List and Instructions (Word Doc)

alt Balloon Plants - Website #1, Website #2

alt Pop Bottle Terrariums - Use some of the following websites for help: Website 1, Website 2, and Website 3

alt Homemade Heating Pads - To begin, buy fabric that will be the outside of the bag. You can make the bags any size but you do want it to be able to fit into the microwave. Sew 3 sides of bag and put rice inside. Sew a seam to close bottom third of bag. Add more rice and stitch closed the 2/3 of bag closed. Add more rice and stitch bag closed. To use: Heat in microwave and apply. Variation: You can also use hand towels. Fold the towel into thirds the long way. Fold one way, sew 3 pockets, fill with rice then sew closed. You can also mix rice with lavender oil for a nice scent. (Click here to see a picture of some different heating pads)

alt Candy Bar Wrapper Purse

alt Have a creative pizza party. Roll out biscuit dough for crusts, and see who can come up with the most unusual or attractive toppings.

alt Have ethnic cooking classes. Get someone who's a native of another country or a returned missionary to come and show you how to whip up fabulous foreign meals.

alt We did this at Girl's Camp, after we came back from our hike. We had two small wading pools, filled with warm water and a foot scrub, While half of us soaked our piggies, the other half did a basic oatmeal and olive oil facial. We had cucumber slices for our eyes. Each girl was given a folded washcloth tied with ribbon, they were folded with a pocket in the front containing a facial "recipe book" with facials for different types of skin, and a white rubber Young Women bracelet with flowers in pastel value colors. Meanwhile back at the foot soak, there was lotion for our feet and polish to do pedicures. All the while we had a CD of relaxing spa type music playing. The girls loved it so much that we are making it an after hike camp tradition. (Idea by Peggy Adams)

alt Bathroom Blocks

alt Candy Bar is a concentration game, with numbers on the tops of squares of paper (card stock) and on the bottoms were words like Young Women, member missionaries, Dating, Young Men, Scouts, Mutual, Prayer, Temple marriage, etc....I had a big pile of candy, and certain of the words won a candy bar. It gave more incentive to find certain words.
Young Women - Smarties
Member Missionaries - M&Ms
Dating - Kisses (like don't!)
Sin - Rocky road
Satan -Sour somethings - I can't remember
Temple marriage - Almond joy
etc. They had lots of fun and I had plenty of time to talk to them about
Personal Progress and chart their progress before and during.
ps. I only had 3 girls there, and it still worked well. They didn't want to quit!  sillysallysaladbar

alt Make lap quilts - 1) buy fleece (lots of cute colors - we had flowers & m&m's). For the girls I just got 1 1/4 yards to 1 1/8. 2) turn selvage edge under and sew 1/4 inch. Actually not necessary but looks nice. 3) Cut the other two ends in 1/2 inch wide and 6 or so inches long "fringe" 4) Get Pony beads and thread them on each fringe 5) Tie a knot under each bead on the fringe so the bead doesn't come off. Also, I found that a different color bead than the fleece looks nicer. (Idea by Cary Kullick)

alt Time Capsules - For the 'capsule' part, I got new, unused cans at our local LDS cannery. They even happened to have gold colored ones! I paid about .35 each for them. I made some cute labels on my computer and printed them on label sheets. If you want more info. about the labels, let me know. I asked the girls to bring special things to put in the capsules and I typed up some questionnaires for them to fill out listing questions asking them about their likes, dislikes, wishes, goals, and some spiritual questions i.e. favorite scripture, hymn, how they feel about the Savior, their parents and siblings, etc. And a place for them to record their testimonies. We had a Polaroid camera available and took pictures of them all too. They filled out their questionnaires, decorated their labels and cans with stickers, and seemed to have a great time. I will be taking the cans back to the cannery to seal them in a couple of days. They look so cute and we put the 'Do Not Open Until....'. (Idea by Debbie Caster)

alt Wall Letters - This activity will depend upon your budget; however, most craft stores sell wooden letters (in many different sizes too). Purchase the letters in everyone's first name. Have them sand, paint and decorate them to hang on their bedroom walls. To see an example of this, click here.

alt Denim Purse Projects  (1)  (2)  (3) (4)

alt Quick and Easy Candle Making - You can use a paper milk carton (Y'know the 1/2 gal type?) with the top cut off or a frozen juice can...either one you must wash out thoroughly. It is important that the string of wick be centered so we tied it to a pencil and taped the other end to the center inside the container bottom and rested the pencil across the top so it will stay centered. Fill the container with ice cubes. Then pour the hot wax over the wax until it is full. When the ice melts it leaves very neat holes throughout the candle ....very decorative. When everything is cool...dump out the water from the melted ice....and tear off the outside container (cardboard from the milk carton or juice container.) It is amazing the different designs that the ice makes! You might make a trial run to see how much ice to put in the containers, especially if you are using different shape ice from ice cube trays. (Idea by Leslie)

alt Apple Fest

alt Make Gingerbread bird houses.  Another Option

alt No-sew fleece pillows - Instructions and photos, Heart Pillow from Family Fun

alt Make purses out of jeans back pockets - We cut the back pockets out and used the seams for the handles and used a low temp glue gun to glue them together. The girls all came up with different ideas on how to do this, and then used paint to decorate them. One girl brought a pair of overalls with a small pocket on the front of the bib and made a small coin purse with a long handle. One girl had embroidery on the jeans she brought and they cut that off and used it to decorate. It was the first meeting for one of the girls, and she had a blast, and the other girls we very willing to help her. (Idea by Nancy Stephens)

alt Parade of Rooms

alt Mothering Activity by Sue

alt We did a combined young women activity where we chose two girls names out of a hat and did our take on the show Trading Spaces. We redecorated, cleaned and rearranged their bedrooms. The girls were divided into two teams and we went to work. We painted, revived furniture donated by ward members or purchased at thrift stores. The girls loved it and learned a lot about how you can change the spirit and feel of a room with work and imagination. We also taught them a lot about homemaking skills such as painting, furniture refinishing, organizing etc. It was an all day affair, but it was awesome! (Idea by Kelly Sansom / transferred from lds-youngwomen)

alt Bath Salts Activity 2 - We just made bath salts last week. The girls had so much fun. We just kept it simple, Epson salt and food coloring. We put them in Ziploc bags and started making different colors. The only thing that you have to watch out for is the girls wanted to make new and different colors, but when you put all the colors together you get green.. so we had MANY shades of green. We didn't put fragrance in it, but they looked great, we layered them with different colors. I went to the dollar store and got 4 small bathroom container for a dollar. We made tags and gave them to the adults in primary and others in the ward as gifts. (Idea by Julie Fitzsimmons) FYI: Here is another recipe for Bath Salts: Use more or less depending on how much you want to make. 1 cup rock salt, 1 tbsp Epson salt, 1/4 tsp mineral oil, a drop or two of food coloring, a couple drops of flavoring extract (like vanilla or strawberry). Shake it all up in a baggie and we put ours into baby food jars.

alt Juice Pouch Crafts

alt A Night of Pampering

alt Value Olympics by Kerry Giddy

Value Olympic by Stephanie Myers

Values leading to the temple

alt Lip Gloss/Balm Recipes

alt "Homemade Beauty" - Type up different recipes for homemade beauty things such as masques, facials, shampoo, lip gloss, rinses, lotions, conditioners etc. Make one together. (Check out this website for more great recipes and information).

alt Murder Mystery Activities

alt Where's Waldo

alt Mormon Cranium

alt Babysitting Kits

alt Swishing

alt Tower of Flour Game 

alt Wacky Wednesday

alt Talk Writing Activity

alt Top Chefs

alt Build-A-Bear Activity