The Busy Coconut

 I taught "Books in the Book of Mormon" by having the children first open their own copies of the Book of Mormon to the contents page and follow along with that. (I had a few extras from the library, too) We sang it a few times so the children could get familiar with it, then I had them hold signs with each of the names and as we sang the song, they had to stand up as their name was called. The signs were about 5 x 14 inches and made of poster board. The names were written in thick markers, ex. "1st Nephi", "2nd Nephi", "Jacob", "Enos", etc." This worked great because the children had to really pay attention to their names. I also had them switch to another child so all could participate. I'm a chorister of a small primary and we have Junior and Senior combined. Even the little ones enjoyed it. They couldn't read their sign, but they knew their name and as it was called, they were excited to stand up. It was lots of fun.  (Idea by Vivian Love)

 Book of Mormon Races by Kathy Hill

 I got a yellow posterboard for .40 and folded it in half like a book. I put the title on the front with a picture of a BofM. When I opened it I had the song broken up in different colors. For example, 1st and 2nd Books of Nephi was red, Jacob, Enos, Jarom, Omni in blue And so forth. I dug up hats in these colors. Some were little and some silly. Most were my children's winter hats. I only needed 5 of them. Then I had a child come up and pick a hat out of my bag and put it on. Their row and one near would then be assigned that part of the song. They would stand up and sing their part but only their part (they loved the "sorry, you are not allowed to sing that" or "stop singing" with a smile of course. After all the hats were picked and we had sung it several times. We did it really fast. They did it great. I'm planning on bringing it back and different rows get different hats (parts). But I'm guessing most of them know it already. One note: the could wear the hat or let a classmate wear it. That was because on of the hats was a pink girlie hat. But the boy was a good sport and put it right on.  (Idea shared by Crystal Bowman)

 Primary Hand Jive by Tami Reid

 The Books of the Book of Mormon (Song Presentation Idea) by Cara Webber

 The books of the Book of Mormon (flipchart) by Loralee Kurzius