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Scripture Treasure Hunt - you could adapt this activity


Primary Mama

CRAFT IDEA: You could let each child make their own scriptures (to represent the scriptures) similar to these pictures:


* You can see a photo of another version of this craft by clicking here.  For each set of scriptures, you'd need: red ribbon, two mini chocolate candy bars (like Hershey Treasures or something similar), a square piece of cardstock to place scriptures on (see above picture), scotch tape and strip of paper (you can leave this blank or you can print a message on them like, "I love the scriptures.")


Scripture Bags
alt Last night I went to a Stake Leadership Meeting with the Primary and came home with the cutest idea for a gift for the Primary Children. So I thought I would share. They had made little scripture books and gave each of us one. They are adorable. They took a snack box of raisins and with the smaller size of packing tape, wrapped the ends of it to make it look like pages, then took a red ribbon for the marker, glued it to the bottom and then covered the box with black felt. Then they took a piece of black construction paper, cut it to 1/2 the size of the box, wrote on it "Taste the Sweetness Within" and taped it to the front of the box. They are so cute. I would think this would make a really good "treat". (Janet Parsons)
Scripture Power Bookmarks


 Chicken Scratch


alt Heroes of the Scriptures  (Click here to listen to this song)
alt Scripture Power, Oct 1987 Friend