This is a skit about the Good Samaritan and the 13th Article of Faith! We used it to prepare the leaders and YCL’s before the campers came!


The Good Samaritan (Girls CAMP STYLE!)

Guinevere 1st year: (Enters stage, Excited, full of energy, with backpack, sleeping bag and pillow Looking around) Oooh, Girls Camp! This looks so fun!  I’ve wanted to come to camp forever!  I’ve heard the testimony meeting is the best part.  Where do I go?

Group A: (Rushing past 1st year, nearly knocking her over) Let’s go check on the 3rd years.

Guinevere 1st year:  Wow! What’s a 3rd year? Where do I put all my stuff?

Group B:  (Rushing past 1st year, nearly knocking her over) It’s time for dinner!  Hurry so we can be first in line!

Guinevere 1st year:(Brushes herself off) Oh I am hungry, I wonder where we go to eat dinner.

Group C: (Enter from opposite side -Rushing past 1st year, nearly knocking her over) Dinner was so good, the cooks are fabulous again this year!!!  I can’t wait to do crafts!!

Guinevere 1st year:  (Excited yet worn out!) Crafts?  We get to do crafts?

Group D:  Time for Certification!  (To 1st year, grouchy) Get your book, you’re supposed to be at certification!

Guinevere 1st year:(Looking stunned and bewildered-her energy is greatly diminished!)

Discouragement: (Enters showing word on pillow.  Hits 1st year once on the back-stands behind her)

Guinevere 1st year:  Ouch, I don’t feel so good, I don’t know anyone, I don’t know what to do.

Doubt: (Enters showing word on pillow.  Hits 1st year once on the head-stands behind her)

Guinevere 1st year:  I can’t do this, I don’t even like to camp. I’m no good.

Fear: (Enters showing word on pillow.  Hit 1st year once in the stomach-stands behind her)

Guinevere 1st year:  (Screams-acts frightened) Is that a Bearmoosecow?  Ohhhhhh!  I have a stomach ache; I miss my mom, Ohhh, I just want to go home!

Discouragement, Doubt and Fear all come in and hit her with pillows until she falls to the ground moaning and groaning.  Then run off stage.

Guinevere 1st year:(Crying, Helpless, a crumpled mess on the ground.)

Group E:  Hey aren’t you from my ward? 

-Why haven’t you put your stuff in your tent? 

-Wow, you have a lot!

-(Speaking to the group)C’mon they said crafts are awesome this year!( Exit stage)

Group F:  (Staring at 1st year…Circle around her)  

                -Hey, I think she’s in my tent. 

-What is she doing down there? 

-HELLO????!!!   GET UP!

-You were supposed to put your stuff away hours ago. 

-You missed certification.

-C’mon guys let’s get our swimming suits and head to the river.

Good Samaritans:  Hi?  

-Are You OK?

-What’s your name?

Guinevere 1st year: Guinevere, I’m a first year.

Good Samaritans:(Helping her up) Do you know which campsite is yours? 

Guinevere 1st year: No I couldn’t find it.

Good Samaritans:(comforting, kind, supportive) Here, let us help you!  Do you have your waterbottle?

(Everyone tries to help and care for the 1st year.)

Good Samaritans:  (Helping Guinevere walk along the stage toward Stake Camp Leader )

-Oh, you are going to love it here,

-The leaders are so awesome.

                -The activities are a blast.

                -The food is amazing

                -And the YCL’s…They ROCK!

(To Stake Camp Leader),  This isGuinevere 1st year.  Can you please help her get settled?  She’s had a rough day.  She’s going to need some extra love.  We’ll be back after we help our group, to check on her!

Stake Camp Leader:  Welcome Guinevere, We’re so happy you’re here.  Let’s see, you are in this tent.

All YCL’S enter Stage for 13th AofF

All:  We believe in being honest, true chaste, benevolent

YCL 1: What is benevolent?

YCL 2: Kind, Charitable, Well meaning, wishing someone well.

All: virtuous, and in doing good to all men,

YCL 3: And all Young Women?

YCL 4:Does that include the girls that drive us crazy?

YCL 5: Even the Whiney Girls?

YCL 6 The rebellious girls?

YCL 7: All Men and women.  The Savior was benevolent. Jesus Christ does good to all men unconditionally.

ALL:  Indeed we may say that we follow the admonition of Paul, We believe all things we hope all things, we have endured many things.

Guinevere: That’s for sure!

All: And Hope to be able to endure all things.  If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.

YCL’S Bow…… absorb their applause, pick up their roses, and then sit in their regular places!

Cast of Characters

alt Guinevere 1st year

alt Discouragement – Carries a pillow with the word discouragement on it

alt Doubt – Carries a pillow with the word Doubt on it

alt Fear – Carries a pillow with the word Fear on it

alt Group A-2

alt Group B-2

alt Group C-2

alt Group D-2

alt Group E-2

alt Group F-2

alt Good Samaritans-3

alt Stake Camp Leader