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 Adam and Eve Fingerplay by Shannon Brown


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 Opposition Game by Rachel Defnet


 Because of Adam

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 Adam and Eve - The Perfect Marriage

 Lesson Helps from Mission Arlington
Place the objects you have tied with string into the bag or container so that the objects are hidden but an equal amount of each string hangs over the side of the bag. Ask a child to choose a string and pull an item out of the bag. Then replace the object and string, let another child take a turn, and so on. Show the class all the hidden objects, and explain the value of the desirable one.  Explain that it is difficult to make a correct choice when we don’t know what we are choosing. Heavenly Father wants us to know good from evil so we can choose what is right. Tell the class that this lesson will explain how we were given the knowledge of good and evil and the ability to choose for ourselves.  (Taken from Primary 6 Lesson Manual)


 Adam & Eve Sharing Time Treasure Hunt
 I just put together this sharing time about Adam and Eve. I made a wheel to spin and it will either land on song, question, scripture, article of faith, free or what ever you feel like would be good for your children. I also made a board that looks similar to Candy Land game board. Then under a flap that will tell you how much to move up the board. The board has different obstacles (like move forward 2 or back 3 etc.) Then for the questions and scriptures I'll have them all related the Adam and Eve.  I also thought that I could use this as a last minute sharing time or can be adapted for many other purposes!  (Idea by Cami / ga01312009)
 The Creation - Each day a gift
The Fall was part of God's plan

 Fruit People--I use this snack idea when teaching about Adam and Eve. Place a pear half (one per child) as the body and a peach half as the head on the child's paper plate fat side down. Cut slits in the peach and insert raisins for eyes, nose and a mouth. Cut a slit in the pear half and insert a cherry half into the indentation as a heart. Arrange mandarin orange slices as the arms and legs. It is so cute!


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