How do I know my Savior lives? by Anjanette Ludwig

Bulletin Board Spotlight Idea - I am going to have one corner for "CHOOSE THE RIGHT" SPOTLIGHT! We are doing four children and one leader per month - Using the CTR shield to mount the digital pictures on. Anyway - not sure how to present the theme - this year I did the whole plan of salvation with footprints going from one to the next and then to the Celestial Kingdom - I presented all the themes with a picture representation and a printed scripture or the theme under it. (Credit Unknown)

Child of God

 Children of God by Leeann Savage

Church Book Spotlight - We have a bag of children's church books (3 to 4) and we are going to draw out a child's name each week to take the books home and read or have a family member read to them. The next week they will get to tell us what was their favorite story or book and then they get to draw someone else's name.  (Credit Unknown)

CTR Bear / Non-preparation spotlight idea

Flashlight Idea

Me in a bag 

 Personalized Posters by Sabina Morrey

Pillowcase Spotlight - The pillow case spotlight is a lot of fun. Each week a child is chosen (names are written on tongue depressors and placed in a tin can) to take home "The Pillowcase". It has been decorated with fabric markers. The instructions for the spotlight are written right on the pillow case. The child takes the pillow case home and fills it with a few objects that represents them. Favorite foods, hobbies, awards, etc. The child brings the pillow case back the next week and shows/explains the objects he/she brought. It is simple, easy and the children LOVE it! We are a new Presidency and felt like it would be a great way to get to know the children. The first week as a presidency we all spotlighted ourselves. We have been doing only the children, but will be adding the teachers also. (Created by M'Lisa Jackson / ga10252006)

Primary Colors - This year, we spotlighted each child using the primary colors as a base. A parent would come in and tell how the child was an example of courage, service, or truth. We would make a hand print of that child in red, yellow or blue (right hand of course for choosing the right) and then put the posters up in the primary room. (Idea from Primary Page)

 Primary Spotlight Form by Trina Anthon - The spotlight form is great for the bulletin board.  The children really love seeing their pictures posted.

Primary Spotlight Poem by Rachel Alder

Primary Spotlights

 Spotlight Form and Idea by Tiffany Kingston

 Stay standing if.... by Springwood Ward 

 The spotlight stops here by Amy Gomez

Things we love about you by Jennifer Farnes / ga02082007

Trying with all my might to always choose the right - by Lynda Whitlock

Wanted: Caught Doing Good

 We wanted to spotlight our children in a different way. So my counselor made a TV out of matt board and put "on and off" buttons on it and pipe cleaners for antennae. It is cut out in the middle so the children hold it with their face in the middle while we tell about them. We call them our "T.V. Stars".  We had them fill our a paper and then we read it and spotlight a new child each Sunday. We give them "Star"burst and we sing "Every star is different". Then we put their name on a star and put it on our wall.  (Idea by Lataun Williams / ga09202008)

 You are special by Annie Skinner - A fun idea

 You're a star! submitted by Heather Matthews