Mini M&M Container Crayon Labels by Cynthia Gentry
 Sun Jars - For their birthday, you could give them a Sun Jar but the vinyl could say something like, "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam" 


 Check In by Becke McDaniel


 Primary Manual Pictures by Leona Strom


 Coloring Pages from the Friend Magazine - Great resource!
 Coloring Pages from Young Zone by Elaine Young


I Don't Want To Be Three (Helping Your 3 year old Transition into Sunbeams) - I gave this story to each child graduating into Sunbeams.  I asked the parents to take time during the week to read it to their child.
I'm going to Primary - Melissa Dillon thought it would be cute to give to the children who are “graduating” from Nursery this week.  It's taken from the January 1999 Friend Magazine.
Nursery Graduation Idea by Sara Roylance
Nursery Graduation Certificate by Amy Busch
Nursery Graduation Program - Held the last Sunday of the year, 20 minutes before church gets out. by Diane Tamariki
 Sunbeam Shirts by Shauna H. Hostetler


 Sunbeam Pencil Toppers
 Sunbeam Pencil Toppers by BreAnne Bishop


 Sunbeams by Robert Armstrong


 Click here for Primary Manual 1 Lesson Helps


 I made little postcard size cards that read:  "Jesus wants you for a Sunbeam... and so do we.  Welcome to Primary."  Then I attached a CTR ring with some organza ribbon.  Now, I know that they are not CTR's yet, but this way we were able to go and visit each child before they came on Sunday.  (Idea by Tammy Clayton / ga01062007)
 Some suggestions from a Sunbeam Teacher by Nicole Richins
Sunbeam Box by Lisa Van Gemert
 Sunbeam Letters by Cynthia Mikesell


 For the songs suggested for each lesson we make little song books of contact paper.  I cut the paper in half and then fold the paper in half.  I put pictures and words in that they could color.  On the back I put the words of the song along with the page number.  I keep the books so that we can sing each Sunday.  If they forget the words, I have the books for them to look at.  They look forward to it each Sunday.  At the end of the year they will get each of their books to take home.  Each book has their name. (Idea by Diana Bedgisoff / ga05052009)


 Children's Scriptures - GREAT idea!
 Handprint Quilts by Rachel Guillen - Fun idea 
 Personalized Magic Carpets by Heather Loverde - Could be adapted for Sunbeams
Primary Manual Pictures by Leona Strom
 Scripture Bags by Angela Davidson
 Sunbeam Scriptures and Class Photo by Angela Davidson
 Sunbeam Magnets by Brindy {Set 1} and {Set 2}
 "Tag-Along" Bag by Beth Moffat


 We found a great scripture to use this year. Our 15 Sunbeams are memorizing it and will recite it for our program in the fall. Romans 8:16. "The Spirit itself, beareth witness with our Spirit, that we are the Children of God." (Idea shared by Kathee Merkley / ga02022008)

REVERENCE IDEAS (Specific to Sunbeams):

 An idea for Sunbeams
 Baby Birdie by Michelle Hammons
 CTR Badges by Maria Eckersley
 Have little cut outs of an egg and have them sit on the eggs to keep them warm.  If they get up, just say... "remember to keep your egg warm" at the end of class/singing time, or whatever.  They can hand in their warm egg for a cut out of a chick. It's worked really well! (Idea by Caryn in Atlanta) (See additional idea here)
 I shared with them the poem "What If" it is from the Friend. I printed off a small mouse and gave them it to put in their pocket.  I brought tape for those who did not have a pocket.  They sat so still so that their mice could see and hear. (Idea by Nicole Richins / ga11152007)
"I started teaching my Sunbeams class with the idea from here about putting the laminated Sunbeams picture on their chair and telling them that they need to sit on their sunbeam otherwise I might snatch it and they won't get their treat at the end of class.  I always make sure to have the "Treat Bag" displayed so they have some visual motivation. I also printed out clip art of 1) a sunbeam 2) Jesus Christ 3) a game 4) a book (story) 5) kids coloring 6) treat and 7) note (singing).  I display this at the front of the room each Sunday and it saves me!  We start out the class by singing "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam." It helps get out the wiggles and settles them down for the lesson.  The picture of Jesus is for the lesson.      Then we do a game of some sort.  After that, I tell a story usually from the scriptures.  We always color pictures (which can take as long as I need).  After that, the kids turn in their Sunbeam from their seat and get their treat, put away their chairs and then we sing songs!  The children know what to expect and it also helps me prepare my lesson each Sunday!" (Idea shared by Caytee Wankier / ga08102012)
 My son was one of those antsy kiddos who couldn't sit still. His Sunbeam teacher gave him a heavy set of scriptures to hold. I'm not sure why, but it worked most Sundays at keeping him in his seat. The other children all wanted a turn to hold the scriptures but it was his important job...and his alone. She made a big deal about the "hand-off" if he was getting up to participate in Primary, and then asked if he would please hold the scriptures again when he was done. It made him feel special and helped him to be reverent. (Idea by Amber Pace)
 Print off some sunshine's and laminate them.  Tape them to their chairs and tell them to stay on their chairs so their sunshine's don't grow cold.
 Sarah and Sam Sunbeam by Terrie Bittner
 Sunbeam Reverence Badges by Sheryl Jones


 Sunbeam Scrapbook Kit - for FREE and very cute!

STORIES (Relating to becoming a Sunbeam and graduating from Nursery):

 I Don't Want To Be Three (Helping Your 3 year old Transition into Sunbeams) - I gave this story to each child graduating into Sunbeams.  I asked the parents to take time during the week to read it to their child.
 The Sunbeam from January 1994 Friend


 New Sunbeams Packet by Emily Hodges
 Sunbeam Packet by Heather Shelton - Pass these packets out to the Nursery children who will be graduating to Sunbeams to help prepare them for Primary.  

 Sunbeam Yahoo Group - The purpose of this Yahoo group reads, "This is a group for those who teach the Sunbeams class, as well as for parents of Sunbeam children! We welcome you to share your ideas about teaching these precious children, as well as struggles you are trying to overcome. We're here to support each other as we help these children grow closer to our Heavenly Father."