alt Reverence Book


alt Reverence Clip Art from Mormonshare


alt I can be reverent coloring page by Tiersa Ludlow


alt Family Home Evening Lesson on Reverence from Deseret Book (#1)
alt Family Home Evening Lesson on Reverence from Deseret Book (#2)
alt Family Home Evening Lesson on Reverence from Deseret Book (#3)
alt Reverence is love and respect for God,


alt Reverence Tag
alt Silent Simon Says


alt Great FHE on Reverence - can be used as a sharing time as well
alt How does reverence feel?
alt Not only do we have a responsibility to be reverent ourselves, we have a responsibility to not prevent someone else from feeling the Spirit because of our actions. (Something to think about)
alt Reverence by L. Tom Perry, September 1996 Friend
alt Reverence Pictures - Use these pictures of different body parts to discuss what each part should or should not be doing.


alt Increasing reverence in Primary by Sarah Hunter


alt Reverence is a feeling, September 1996 Friend
alt Reverence Song for Nursery


alt A wise bishop.... - An idea to help with reverence in Sacrament Meeting
alt An idea to help your children be reverent during church
alt CTR Badges
alt Gospel ABC Cards - These cards are designed to help your little ones be reverent during Sacrament Meeting or something similar. Just print them, laminate, and punch a hole in the corner. Put a metal ring clip through the hole to hold them together.
alt Got Reverence? by Paula - An idea for helping Young Women be reverent
alt Hush (pdf document) taken from the October 2000 Friend
alt I can be reverent coloring page
alt New Online Training - Lessons provide suggestions for overcoming common behavior concerns many altPrimary teachers face. Each interactive lesson (6 total) can be viewed online and lasts about 10 to 15 minutes.
alt Reverence Wheel
alt What do you do to help your Primary with reverence?  


alt I Love You Jesus
alt Reverence


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alt Chris-Hopper
alt Click here for a list of reverence ideas for Primary
alt (Idea for Sunbeams) I shared with them the poem "What If" it is from the September 1996 Friend. I printed off a small mouse and gave them it to put in their pocket. I brought tape for those who did not have a pocket. They sat so still so that their mice could see and hear. (Idea by Nicole Richins / ga11152007)


alt My children love Crayola Color Wonder books. I liked them for church because the markers are not a danger to their clothes, the benches, etc. However, I did not like the fact that their minds were focused on Disney characters or whatever type of book we had. I noticed that there are plain drawing pads available for purchase. I then found a website that has activity pages from the Friend: LDS Coloring Pages. Now I just print these gospel themed pages on Color Wonder paper and we have more appropriate activities for my young children for Sacrament Meeting, General Conference, or Stake Conference.  (Idea by Brooke Bruderer/ ga10022008)


Reverence is deep respect and love toward God by Jill Revelli
Reverence in Holy Places


alt Puedo ser reverente by Lidia Barrera D. (Sharing Time Idea on Reverence)


alt To Catch a Butterfly by Marilyn Wood - A couple of years ago, I found the following story in the Friend about reverence.  I read it to the children.  I then brought out bubbles and encouraged them to sit really still and see if they could catch the bubbles on their finger.  I told them the bubbles were like the butterflies in the story and they must be very quiet and still to be able to catch one.  Since this lesson, I've discovered Gymboree bubbles which you actually can catch!  Anyway, the lesson made a difference in the reverence of our ward and I think the children knew more of what was expected of them. [NOTE - Here is some of the clipart from the Friend to go along with the story if you'd like it - pdf or Word] (Idea by DeEllen)
alt Children Like Animals
alt Christopher/Chris-Hopper
alt Jeremy John, the Wiggler, December 2000 Friend
alt Michael (has pictures)
alt My Hands Can Be Reverent at Church
alt Primary Angel - When I was in the Primary a few years ago, we spent the entire year on reverence. June 1991 Friend


alt Reverence and Respect by Margaret S. Lifferth