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alt 10 Hour Value Project Ideas
alt 127 - Ten Hour Value Project Ideas by Emily Harmer
alt Time Tracking Sheets for Value Projects by Ondrea Slade alt


alt A "P" Party
alt At a Snail's Pace
alt Faith Factor: Personal Progress by Paige Moore
alt I ran into an idea about doing file boxes the girls could decorate themselves and then giving them index cards in value colors for them to keep track of their value experiences and 10-hour projects. I really like the idea because the girls can use something they made their own (the file boxes) to keep track of Personal Progress. I am also going to encourage the girls to write about the value experience/value project on these color-coded cards. Then when we do Personal Progress interviews, I can have the girls bring their file boxes. It's kind of been like pulling teeth to get the girls to tell me about the value experiences they have done. I think this should be a great jump-start for the girls... (Idea by Sharon Stamps)
alt I-HOP (Important Hour of Progress)
alt It's Toot Sunday! (Fun idea....)
alt Journey to the Tree of Life Activity by Adria Taylor
alt Ketchup Night - Have tator tots and ketchup. Have the girls bring their PP book and journal and they can "catch up" in doing their PP as you pull them out and do some interviews. (Idea by Mischelle)
alt "Kick off" tailgate party - We each took a couple of values (or a couple we could switch off). We split the group into four and had them rotate. I took Knowledge and Good Works. We went to the kitchen and I taught how to make a couple of quick meals that could help pass off requirements on both (learning how to cook and cooking for your family for one week). We each gave the girls a card at the end with exactly what we learned and what else needed to be done. (I do not believe in passing off a requirement completely during an activity - I always require them to do something themselves to make it PERSONAL) I think it was a good way to show that Personal Progress didn't have to be some monumental huge thing that added more stress. It was really a lot of every day things. (Heather Rich / ga04022007)
alt Mutual Activities with a Personal Progress Value Purpose
alt Personal Progress Basketball
alt Personal Progress Clue Game by Susan Wilson
alt Personal Progress Fair 
alt Personal Progress Midnight Madness by Amy Todd
alt Personal Progress Party by Cami DeWitt
alt Personal Progress Pep Rally by Angie Peterson
alt Personal Progress Scripture Activity by Stephanie Brown
alt Prepare now for your Prince Charming by Becky Thompson
alt Young Women Shrinky Dink Key Chain Tags


alt Five reasons to love Personal Progress by Jan Pinborough


Young Women Values Booklet


alt Value Centerpieces  


alt Value Girls - Black and White


alt Young Women Notebooks by Brittany Stucki


alt A game of values
alt Bubble Gum Game
alt Personal Progress Jeopardy by Katie Poland
alt Pingo Game by Shantelle Colborn


alt  Don't "cheet" General Conference by Ondrea Slade


alt Candy Gram Bye!
alt Take Note

alt Goals on Faith in Personal Progress Program
alt Goals on Divine Nature in Personal Progress Program
alt Goals on Individual Worth in Personal Progress Program
alt Goals on Knowledge in Personal Progress Program
alt Goals on Choice & Accountability in Personal Progress Program
alt Goals on Good Works in Personal Progress Program
alt Goals on Integrity in Personal Progress Program
alt Personal Progress Worksheets


alt Enjoy the sweet rewards of Personal Progress by Jennifer Day
alt If Personal Progress has got you spooked (handout for Halloween) by Sara Cady
alt Last Sunday for Personal Progress thought and handout I gave out with a penny taped to it..."We were given two ends: One to think with, and one to sit on. It's up to you which you'll use more. Heads you win, Tails you lose!" the penny taped here...Use your head and choose to do Personal Progress and you will win. I handed out 2 sheets for good works and read a thought. (Idea by Laurie Farmer / ga10012007)
alt Peppermint Stick - I am giving my girls those jumbo peppermint sticks (also crook'less!) for Christmas and attaching a little card that says something like, "This peppermint stick is to remind you to "STICK TO IT" on your Personal Progress! The holiday season is the perfect time to feel the SWEETNESS of setting and achieving some great goals!" (Credit Unknown)
alt Personal Progress Binders  
alt Personal Progress Bookmarks
alt Personal Progress Goal Bookmark
alt Personal Progress Incentive Handout Ideas
alt Personal Progress Kit - can be made for occasion other than birthday!
alt Personal Progress Monthly Bookmark
alt Personal Progress Postcard by Andrea Walker - Encourage your YW to work on PP throughout the summer
alt Personal Progress Reminder Ideas
alt Personal Progress Worksheets by Jennie Bradfield (ga09242007) - pdf document
alt Prayer is like brushing teeth by Ondrea Slade
alt Summer Personal Progress Reminder
alt Survival Kits - to be given out during Personal Progress Interview
alt TONS of handout ideas!!!!  Check it out.
alt You could make your own Shrinky Dinks (remember them???) - personalize them to personal progress or the values.  Make them into key chains.  Craft stores and Wal-mart sell the sheets if you'd rather not make your own.
alt Young Women Jewelry Bookmark

alt 10 Easy Ways to Help Your Daughter with Personal Progress
alt Mom Muffin Meeting
alt Online Personal Progress Helps by Shane Manning
alt Parent Personal Progress Reminder Cards
alt Personal Progress Parent Letter
alt Ways Parents can encourage personal progress by Ondrea Slade

HOLIDAY HANDOUTS (pertaining to Personal Progress):

alt Personal Progress Valentines by Sam Cousins
alt Put your "heart" into Personal Progess by Tricia Andersen


Honor Bee Packet
 Honor Bee Tracking Booklet
Personal Progress Honor Bee Certificate

alt Dawn's Personal Progress Incentives
alt Don't 'Fall' Behind by Holly Schwendiman 
alt Is your plate too full??
alt Laurel Motivation Program
alt Motivational Idea
alt One Sunday you could have a basket filled with Hershey kisses and sticks of chewing gum. Attach a note to the basket or tell the girls before you pass the basket around that if they are [working on their Personal Progress] they can give themselves a kiss. If however, they are not working on it they can chew themselves out. (Idea by Linda Oesterreicher / ga04022007)
alt Personal Progress Bouquet
alt Personal Progress Incentives
alt Personal Progress Motivators  
alt Reward Jar by Nikki Ripplinger
alt Value Jar
alt We have called a personal progress coordinator. She keeps track of all that information. The first Wed. of each month is personal progress night and each young women and her Mom/Dad have signed up to take that Wednesday night and teach us something that passes off one of THEIR personal progress goals. The girls all bring their books (most don't remember), but that's okay because we have a tracking sheet in our binders too that shows what's been done.  The last 1/2 hour of mutual we divide the girls up and we pull each of the girls out one at a time and go over their books or the things that they've done. If they bring their book and we pass stuff off they take a trip to the blessings basket (just a hodge podge of $1.00 stuff) and they get one things for each goal they've completed. We didn't go back and honor previous things done..only since the basket was implemented. This seems to help the girls get motivated.  Each first Sunday of the month the p.p coordinator gives the girls a goal to work on based on the value of the month that we are working on. This month it's Integrity #2.  If they complete their Value Projects then they get a value bag. One girl just completed her Faith and so she got a white bag filled with all white things. I'm not sure what went in there since the coordinator did it. She presented it yesterday and asked the girl not to show any of the other girls.....they were really bummed, but it peaked their curiosity. (Angela Paladeni / ga10162006)
alt Work hard on your Personal Progress (Whopper Handout) by Janne Gilbert


alt "I find when I buckle down and do regular Personal Progress interviews with the girls, they make more progress than when I get bogged down and forget."  (Idea by Jennifer Griffeth)
alt Interviewing the Young Women by Capri Barlow
alt Personal Progress Interview Form by Billie Jean Pew


alt Personal Progress Pizza and Picnic Invitations by Rachel Allen 

alt Interactive Lessons: Encouraging Young Women to Work on Personal Progress


alt Living Christ Cards by Allison Marcroft
alt Living Christ Challenge by Wendy Christensen
alt The Living Christ - Memorization Activity


alt Apple Object Lesson - My counselor had a girl come to the front and hold an apple.  She asked what good was this apple if all she did was hold it in her hand.  Obviously not much good.  You have to eat it to benefit from it.  She applied this to Personal Progress.  It does no good sitting on the shelf.  You have to internalize it - to take it into your life. (Idea by Amy)
alt Lucky Charms Object Lesson
alt Personal Project Analogy by Emily Christian
alt Personal Progress is Sweet


 Blessing of Personal Progress
alt For Madison
alt How to thread the Personal Progress bookmark
alt The Miracle of Personal Progress


alt 10 Easy Ways to Help your Daughter with Personal Progress
alt A summer of progress by Ondrea Slade - Letter to parents encouraging their girls to work on PP throughout the summer as well as give them ideas.
alt How do I motivate my girls to do Personal Progress?
alt I'm pocketing my values! 
alt Jill's Value Posters
alt Keeping Up With Personal Progress
alt Our Personal Progress Plan by Holly Schwendiman 
alt Personal Progress Kickoff by Alyssa Brown 
alt Personal Progress Minute by Ciria Knighton
altPersonal Progress Power Point Presentation by Barbara Lee 
alt Personal Progress - Powerful Potential
alt Personal Progress Resource by Kim Anderson
alt Personal Progress Table by Sally Tielemans
alt Personal Progress Value Requirements by Lauri Thurber - a breakdown of the requirements by category so leaders or parents might know what can be accomplished in one sitting, or what may take several weeks to work on, etc.
alt Personal Progress Website Outline by Leah Peterson
alt Personal Progress Worksheets by Jennie Bradfield (ga09242007) - pdf document
alt Recognition Letter
alt Scripture Journal Pages
alt Temple Rag Quilt and Pattern by Amy Gregson
alt Value Cover Sheets
alt Value Tabs (for binders)   
alt Walk His Path by Rachel Rebarchik and Ken Jones
alt We will be playing personal progress tag every Sunday. We have a "You're It!" card that is passed around.  One is for the 2nd and 4th Sunday, the other is for the 1st and 3rd Sunday.  At the very beginning we had all the girls stand up and we tagged one "You're It".  So in two weeks that Young Woman will get up during opening exercises and give a personal progress moment.  We have the girls tell what value they worked on, what they did and how they felt.  When the girl is finished, she asks the girls who haven't been tagged on this round to stand up, and she tags the next girl. (Credit Unknown)
alt What do the value colors mean? (Credit Unknown - transferred from lds-yw files)
alt What's new in Personal Progress? (2010)


alt At a Snail's Pace
alt "P" Party
alt "P" Party (another one)
alt Personal Progress Basketball by Heidi Bartle
alt Personal Progress Pedicures 
alt Prophet Party by Jeanni Gould - great idea for a 10 hour project


alt Personal Progress Book Holder by Janetta Graham
alt Personal Progress Book Straps by Susie Dawson
alt Personal Progree Packet by M'Shelle Dixon
alt Personal Progress Pouches by Kimberly Keetch


alt Values Like Stars  
alt Whatever it takes by Jolene Pugmire - A great poem to give to parents


 Personal Progress and Pink Seashells by Denise Webster


alt Fabric Value Banner by Corrine Beaumont
alt Personal Progress Materials from the Church
alt Value Flags by Michelle Shirley
alt YW Theme and Value Cards by Michelle Shirley


alt Be the Girl of Your Dreams
alt Operation Personal Progress Mission: Possible
alt Personal Progress Night
alt The Family Mood - Skit about parents helping with Personal Progress


alt Quick Quotes


Personal Progress Candygram and Printables 


alt Value Flower Skit


alt Five Reasons to love Personal Progress (from November 2006 New Era)
alt Making Progress Personal (from August 2006 New Era)
alt My Personal Progress (from October 2006 New Era)
alt Walk His Path by Rachel Rebarchik and Ken Jones


alt A fun jeweled poster by Melinda Beachell
alt Computerized Version from
alt Personal Progress Worksheets by RaLene Compton
alt Personal Progress Daily Worksheet by Denise Thompson
alt Personal Progress Posters by Jenny P. Anderson
alt Personal Progress Timeframe Spreadsheet by JoLayna
alt Personal Progress Tracker using Excel by Deanne Ririe
alt Personal Progress Tracking Chart by Emily Mann
alt Personal Progress Tracking Chart by Marilyn DeLange
alt Personal Progress Tracking Chart (Editable) by Rachel Anderson
alt Personal Progress Tracking Sheet 1
alt Personal Progress Tracking Sheet 2
alt Personal Progress Tracking Sheet 3
alt Personal Progress Tracking Sheet 4
alt Personal Progress Tracking Sheet by Becky Evans
alt Personal Progress Tracking Sheet by Veronica Cortez
alt Time Tracking Sheets for Value Projects by Ondrea Slade


Young Women and Personal Progress Trivia by Shannon Foster

VALUE POSTERS & PRINTABLES (for binders, bulletin boards, displays, etc.)

alt Amy's Value Prints
alt Jill's Value Posters
alt Nicole's Value Posters
alt Value Cover Sheets by Melanie Day
alt YW Value Flags and Banner by Dina Acreman


alt Blessing of Personal Progress
alt For Madison
alt How to thread the Personal Progress bookmark


alt Personal Progress Helps
alt Personal Progress Reminder Ideas
alt TONS of handout ideas!!!!  Check it out.


alt Personal Progress Worksheets by RaLene Compton