Let your light shine.... by Deborah Dunham


alt Daughter of a King Handout / Invitation Idea
alt Life Savers Wrappers: New Beginnings


alt Free printable invitation for STAR theme


Personal Progress Power Point Presentation by Barbara Lee
YW New Beginnings tickets and programs by Miko Crippen
alt Letter to Parents by Jolene Pugmire (transferred from lds-yw files)
alt Mia Maids and Laurels in a ward took the names of the new Beehives coming into the program. Together hey planned out and did special things anonymously for the new girls the whole week before New Beginnings. On the morning of New Beginnings (it was breakfast) each new Beehive girl was given the end of a skein of yarn where she started winding it into a ball. It took her through the church (classroom, stage, hall, etc.) At the end was the name of the girl that had been welcoming her into Young Women. After breakfast each girl was honored individually by the Laurel/Miamaid serving her. Mothers, advisors and all Young Women of coarse were invited.


alt YW in a box for New Beginnings


Olympic New Beginnings Invitation by Jill Means
alt YW New Beginnings tickets and programs by Miko Crippen


2010 YW Opening Ceremonies by Melanie Davidon
alt A Great & Marvelous Work: A Royal Generation by Michelle Uhi
alt America's TOP Modest Model
alt ARMY: Steadfast and Immovable by Amber Park
alt Be the girl of your dreams by Shannon Roberts
alt Build a better me by Kerrie Neu
alt Build a foundation of rock by Melinda Beachell
alt Busy Bee's by Marlene Drake
alt Celebrating the Light from Darla
alt Courtroom Skit by Peggy Smith (Credit Unknown - transferred from lds-yw files)
alt Constellation Values by Julie Lemke
alt Enjoy the Journey
alt Hats of Value by Melissa McOmber
alt I {heart} New Beginnings
alt I Feel My Savior's Love
alt iStand: Apps for your life
"Know Right and the Seven D.O.R.V.S."
alt Like A Butterfly by Carolyn Byers
alt Like the Stars: Steadfast & Immovable by Kim Williams
alt Lucky #13 by Shannon Sorensen
alt Kick-Off To New Beginnings by Angela Williams
alt New Beginnings 2011 (Stripling Warrior Theme)
New Beginnings Program - PJ's Style by Julie Raybould
alt New Beginnings: SOS
alt New Beginnings (Picnic Theme)
Oil in our Lamps
alt Once Upon a Time by Candice Waite
alt Oh, the places you'll go with Personal Progress by Kody Condos
alt Rainbow Themed New Beginnings
alt Remarkable Women of History by Megan Williams
alt Shoot for the Stars
alt Some ideas for LDS New Beginnings Programs
alt Sourvivor by Melissa Cass
alt Sports Themed New Beginnings by Amber Robison
alt Sports Theme by Lisa Hasson
alt Stars Shining Bright by Donna
alt Tangled by Michelle
alt The Cruise
alt The Biggest Gainer by Cathy Thomas
alt The Ten Virgins by Fiona Burdick
alt There's no place like our Heavenly Home by Mindy Hobson
alt This, I Believe by Kristie Shaw
alt Treasures of the Heart by Shelley Clines
alt Treasure Theme by Judy Lusk
alt Treasure Hunt - We seek after these things by Leslie Nebeker
alt Unlock the Treasure by Karen Hansen
alt Value Mall
alt Virtue Cruise by Sid Cartwright
alt Virtue Deli by Wendy Stebar
alt YW News Broadcast by Esther Bickham
alt Young Women of Value by Bonnie Howell
alt Who can find a virtuous woman?....for her price is above rubies by Kristen Mayle
White Rabbit
alt Women of Value Seven women from the scriptures and from Church History are used to represent the Young Women values to the girls.  They get a glimpse of the strengths that the program's Values represent.


alt Bee It! by Jan Kocherhans
alt MIssion Possible
alt Super Value Heroes by Aileen Laudie
alt The Tale of Dorothy by Jamie L. Smith
alt Taste the Rainbow, by Tina Economou
alt Virtue Academy by Crystal Erekson


alt Nuevos Comienzos by Desire Vargas


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