It was once announced, so the story goes,

that the Devil was going to quit.

That all his tools would be up for sale,

the whole infernal kit.


A bad and sorry looking lot--

attractively displayed.

But just apart from all the rest

a wedge shaped tool lay--

A simple, harmless looking tool,

well worn, as one could trace,

But "higher priced" than all the rest

in that Infernal place.


Then someone asked the Devil, what

this wedge-shaped tool was.

"Why that's discouragement," he said.

"It's higher priced because

it's much more useful to me

than any of its brothers.

It will prevail, where I would fail

with any of the others."


"Few people know it's mine, and so

it works with perfect ease.

For, once inside, I'll put you wise,

I do just what I please.

Just let me get the consciousness,

discouraged, downcast, blue--

Eureka!  I have found the way

Satanic work to do."


Suffice to say, the price to pay

the Devil for his pet

was just so high, no one could buy,

and so he's got it yet.

And what is more, he's using it,

and in these times of stress

will no doubt find "discouragement"

of all his tools the best.