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alt “You can place me in the deepest pit in Nova Scotia and pile the Rocky Mountains upon my head and I will end up on top– Because I will not get discouraged.” Joseph Smith


alt Is your hut burning?
alt The best tool
alt The Old Master
alt The Trouble Tree
alt Try something different by Price Pritchett


alt Believe Christ, by Stephen E. Robinson, April 1992 Ensign
Do Not Despair by Ezra Taft Benson, November 1974 Ensign p. 65
alt Look to the future with optimism by Elder Jack H Goaslind, April 1997 Ensign
alt Overcoming Discouragement by Val R. Christensen, November 1998 Ensign
 How to Discourage Discouragement by Gene R Cook  January 2003 Ensign 
alt Dealing with Stress and Discouragement February 1990 Ensign


alt Overcoming Discouragement by Val R Christensen June 2013