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alt "Blue" berry Muffin (Divine Nature value color is blue)- Attach the following saying, "Sometimes we can't see the blueberries on the surface but if you take a bite there they are. Our divine nature is the same way. We must make the effort to find our Godlike qualities."
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"Popcorn is a kernel that magnified its potential!" (Tape this to a package of microwave popcorn)
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I am having 3 women come in that are all at different stages of their life: single, married w/o children, and married with children. They will all take a few minutes to talk about finding joy in their lives as a woman of God. We will talk about joy and finding joy now (2 Ne 2:13, 25). I also might work in the story, "The Precious Present". Here is a quote from that story: "The present is simply who I am just the way I am...right now. And it is precious."  (Idea by Aubrey Lindblom / LDS YW Yahoo Group)
If I can find mirrors that aren't too expensive I'm going to glue them to a foam heart so that they can remember that the Lord looks upon the heart not on the outside and at the end hand out a scripture with that. OR I am going to make up cardstock that says JOY except the letters will be big in large font, the other letters much smaller, but look kind of like this. Jesus Others You to remind us to find true joy we need to focus on Jesus first, then Others, then You (ourselves). (Idea by Kristine)


 As I was preparing to teach, I remembered hearing a seminary song, the words of which go well with this topic.  The song is called "To Bring Them to Thee". The sheet music can be found on the church's website - [lyrics][music]. (Idea by Lee Ann Tebbs / ga01202009)
Hymns that correlate with the value "Divine Nature"


Be Loyal to the Royal
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alt Orange you special?? (God created people who are different, but all are special in His eyes)
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alt I will focus the lesson on setting small goals throughout their lives so that when they get older they will have accomplished the smaller ones so that the smaller ones turn into major ones.  ex, high school to college, attending church to temple, etc...  You will need:  Ping Pong Ball, Glass quart jar with lid, wheat to fill the jar.  Put the ping pong ball in and put a small scoop of wheat with every goal the girls come up with.  After the jar is about 2" from top put the lid on and gentle shake showing the girls it is gradual steps that will find their Divine Potential.  The ping pong ball will arise to the surface.  (Source)


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Value Experiences and Value Projects on Divine Nature (Really good resource)


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Daughter of a King Presentation by Rachel Ann Nunes (Power Point Presentation available as well)


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alt The Light Within You by Gordon B. Hinckley, May 1995 Ensign, p. 99
James E. Faust, “Who Do You Think You Are?—A Message to Youth,” Liahona, June 2001, 2; “Who Do You Think You Are?” Ensign, Mar. 2001, 2; New Era, Mar. 2001, 4. Use the five ideas to discuss how to find joy in different stages of life.
Margaret D. Nadauld, “The Joy of Womanhood,” Liahona, Jan. 2001, 17; Ensign, Nov. 2000, 14. Use the article to supplement the lesson.