I often go walking (flipchart) by Christina Martinez

 What we did last year to learn "I Often Go Walking" was (I was the pianist at the time and it was my idea) the music leader started with a basket of blue flowers (she had found bunches of flowers for .86 cents at Wal-Mart and cut them into individual flowers). She tossed handfuls all over the room. Then she had the youngest class come up and as she and I sang the song the class got to pick up the flowers. They were all picked up by the end of the song and then the next class came up and it was repeated for every class. By the end of it all, all the children were singing like they knew the song for years. She just did this with the junior primary.  With the seniors, she and I sang the song while I played it (she didn't like solos) and then she had each class draw a phrase from the song. Then each class showed their pictures and sang their line, then she switched things around and sang it again, and then she had them all sing it together. They learned it quickly also. (Sheri Dyreng)

 Presentation Idea for, "I often go walking"

Flipchart by JollyJenn

 A couple of years ago, a young primary music director taught "I Often Go Walking" using several ideas:

walking-- hands walking (maybe sign);
meadows--Easter grass;
gather armfuls-- stretch arms into a circle;
blossoms of blue--blue fake flower bouquet or one blue flower;
whole world over--hop flowers over Easter grass;
all flowers remind--blue fake flower (or bouquet of blue flowers) extended to mother.

The children loved the different visuals. I think if those children saw blue fake flower and Easter grass, they would know the song to be sung. (Credit Unknown)