A summary of what each section is about in the Doctrine and Covenants

1 The Lord's Preface

2 The Coming of Elijah

3 The Lost Manuscript

4 The Call of Labor- Joseph Smith, Sr.

5 Witnesses of the Book of Mormon- Martin Harris

6 What Greater Witness Can You Have Than From God?

7 The Parchment of John

8 The Spirit of Revelation- Oliver Cowdery

9 Oliver Cowdery's Calling in the Translation of the Book of Mormon

10 Do Not Re-Translate- The reality of Satan

11 The Call to Labor- Hyrum Smith

12 The Call to Labor- Joseph Knight, Sr.

13 The Restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood

14 The Call to Labor- David Whitmer

15 The Call to Labor- John Whitmer

16 The Call to Labor- Peter Whitmer, Jun

17 The Three Witnesses of the Book of Mormon

18 The Name of Jesus Christ- The Worth of Souls

19 Eternal and Endless Punishment- Atonement of Jesus Christ

20 Church Organization and Government

21 When My Prophet Speaks

22 Dead Works

23 Specific Duties: Oliver Cowdery, Hyrum Smith, Samuel H. Smith, Joseph Smith, Sr., Joseph Knight, Sr.

24 Magnify Thine Office- Joseph Smith, Jun

25 An Elect Lady

26 All Things by Common Consent, Prayer, Faith

27 The Sacrament- Whole Armor of God

28 Revelation for the Church- One at the Head

29 The Spiritual Gathering of Mine Elect

30 Whitmer Brothers- Obedience

31 Thomas B. Marsh- Follow Counsel

33 The Eleventh Hour- Oil for Our Lamps

34 Orson Pratt's Mission- Our Relationship with the Savior

35 Sidney Rigdon- A forerunner- Jospeh Smith's Translation of the Bible

36 Edward Partridge- Recognition of the Lord's Authorized Representatives

37 The Church of Assemble in Ohio

38 The Great I Am- His Concern for His People

39 James Covill- My Gospel

40 James Covill- Cares of the World

41 A True Disciple of Jesus Christ- 1st Bishop of the Church

42 The Law of the Lord to His Church

43 The Lord's Law of Revelation to His Church- Some Duties of His Saints

44 Elders Summoned to Kirtland- One Reason the Lord Gathers His People

45 The Savior's Second Coming

46 Public Church Meetings-Guidance by the Holy Spirit- Gifts of the Holy Spirit

47 John Whitmer - Church Historian

48 Land for the Gathering in Ohio-Preparation for Missouri

49 The Shaking Quakers

50 False Spirits- Be Not Deceived

51 Law of Consecration and the Stewardship

52 A Pattern in All things- Teach What the Apostles and Prophets have Written

53 Sidney Gilbert- Forsake the World- Endure to the End

54 Obeying and Disobeying the Law of Consecration

55 William W. Phelps- Remission of Sins

56 The Lord Commands and Revokes

57 The Center Place of Zion

58 The Lord's Will Concerning the Land of Zion and His People

59 Blessings and Commandments-Sabbath Day

60 Talent

61 The Waters and the Land-Satan

62 Needs of Man- Testimonies

63 Zion and Her People

64 Forgiving Others- More about Zion and Her People

65 Destiny and Purpose of the Kingdom of God

66 William E. McLellin- A Covenant Relationship with the Savior

67 Language of the Revelations- Test of Scripture

68 Scripture- The Presiding Bishop- Parents

69 A Sacred Trust- Book of Commandments

70 Stewardships- Book of Commandments

71 A Special Missionary Call To Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon

72 Second Bishop-Stewardships

73 Effective Use of Time

74 1 Corin. 7:14- Marriage Within the Church- Salvation of Children

75 Duties of Missionaries

76 The Vision (Degrees of Glory, Etc.)

77 Insights to the Book of Revelation

78 Purposes of the Law of Consecration

79 Power in Our Church Callings

80 Teach and Testify

81 Keys of the Kingdom- 1st Presidency-A Counselor

82 A Principle of Forgiveness- Judged By What We Know- A Law of Blessings

83 Women and Children Under the Law of Consecration

84 Priesthood

85 One Mighty and Strong- The Book of the Law - Salvation Only Through the Church

86 The Wheat and the Tares- Lawful Heirs to the Priesthood

87 Prophecy on Wars

88 The Olive Leaf

89 The Word of Wisdom

90 Keys of the Kingdom- Oracles of God

91 The Apocrypha

92 A Lively Member

93 How and What to Worship

94 Church Buildings

95 Chastisement for Delaying the Building of the Kirtland Temple

96 Dividing the French Farm- For What Purpose?

97 Zion

98 Purpose of the Law- Law of Forgiveness, Retribution, War

99 Law of Representation

100 How and What to Teach- Promises

101 Jackson County- Why Cast Out

102 The First High Council- A Church Court

103 Redemption of Zion- Zion¼s Camp

104 Order of the Church for the Salvation of Men

105 Zion Not to be Redeemed for a Little Season

106 Compensation for Full-time Calling- Children of Light

107 Priesthood and Church Government

108 Strengthen Your Brethren

109 Dedicatory Prayer- Kirtland Temple

110 The appearance of the Savior- Keys Restored

111 Mission to Salem, Massachusetts- Follies

112 Thomas B. Marsh- The Lord's Instructions to a Quorum President

113 Insights to the Book of Mormon

114 David W. Patten- A Man of Faith

115 The Name of the Lord¼s Church- Far West, Missouri Temple

116 Adam-ondi-Ahman

117 The More Weighty Matters

118 Twelve Apostles- Faith and Obedience

119 The Lord's Law of Tithing

120 Disbursement of Tithing Funds

121 Constitution of the Priesthood

122 Why Suffering?

123 Anti-Christ Literature and Works

124 Nauvoo Temple- Being Accepted of the Lord

125 Saints in Iowa

126 Brigham Young- His Acceptable Offering to the Lord

127 Baptisms for the Dead- Witnesses and Recordings

128 Baptisms for the Dead- Records in Heaven- Review of the Restoration

129 Three Grand Keys by which Messengers May Be Known

130 The Godhead- Conditions in Heaven

131 Three Heavens in the Celestial Kingdom- The More Sure Word of Prophecy

132 Celestial Marriage

133 The Appendix- The Gathering and the Second Coming

134 Governments and Man's Laws- Religion and Divine Laws

135 Martyrdom- Joseph and Hyrum Smith

136 Covenants and Promises- Camp of Israel

137 Joseph Smith's Vision of the Celestial Kingdom

138 Joseph F. Smith's Vision of the Redemption of the Dead

Official Dec. #1 Manifesto concerning plural marriage

Official Dec. #2 Priesthood blessings to all worthy male members