Here is an idea from Christy's Clipart

 Click here for the sheet music from the June 1977 Friend Magazine.

 Draw a large circle on a piece of heavy paper and divide it into four sections - (1) feel sorry, (2) ask forgiveness, (3) right the wrong, (4) don’t repeat the wrong.  Write one of the four principles in each of the sections. Attach a paper arrow in the center of the circle to spin, or place the circle on the floor and use a coin or other small object to toss onto it. Prepare case studies with situations requiring repentance that reflect the needs of your Primary. For example: “You see the new girl in your class eating lunch by herself, but you don’t invite her to join you.” Invite a child to randomly choose one of the four steps of repentance by spinning the arrow or tossing the coin on one of the four sections. Have the child choose a case study and tell what he or she would do in that step of repentance.  (Idea taken from the July 2005 Friend Magazine)

 Have the children stand every time they sing the word, "I".  Explain that each one of us is responsible to correct our wrongs and make them right.

 Repentance Song Flipchart by Loralee Kurzius