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 Once Upon A Time

 The Things I Do by Lisa 

(Idea by May 2003 Friend) Help the children learn “The Things I Do” (pp. 170–71) by using questions to direct their listening and by having them draw illustrations on the chalkboard.

Invite the children to listen while you sing the first phrase to discover why Primary children don’t go abroad to teach and preach the word of God. Have the child who answers correctly draw on the chalkboard a picture that helps illustrate that phrase while the rest of the children sing it with you.

Invite the children to listen while you sing the second phrase to discover how they can show that they know that the word of God is true. Repeat the process of having a child draw while the others sing the phrase.

Have the children clap or tap the short-long-short-long rhythm of the first verse while they sing it. This rhythm is used for verses 1, 2, and the first part of verse 4.  Repeat the process of asking questions, drawing pictures, and tapping the rhythm for the second verse.

Before beginning verse 3, have the children tap the straight count beat. While they listen to the words and draw pictures, ask them to think about the reason the composer chose to make verse 3 a different rhythm. Discuss how verse 3 talks about being in church. Perhaps the rhythm of verses 1, 2, and 4 feel like skipping, which would not be appropriate at church. Instead, children walk to show their reverence because church is a sacred place.

Continue with teaching verse 4 by asking questions, drawing pictures, and tapping the rhythm.  Bear testimony of the great influence that children have when they set good examples and do things that show that they know the Church is true. Express gratitude for the teachings of the prophets, who help all members of the Church know what to do.

 OCD Primary Chorister