Sunbeam Singing

Back to School Singing Time by Erika Soelberg

 Colorful Singing by Lisa Pollock

 Who's ready for back 2 school? by Beehive Messages

 I have filled a school backpack with bright colored folders.  Inside each one is an "assignment" regarding a program song.    For example, one assignment is to sing all verses of My Eternal Family (using my visual aids) and then sing it with your eyes closed to see if they have it memorized.  Then we will check our progress on a giant report card on the blackboard.  I thought this idea would be useful to check how we are doing on the upcoming program songs.  Other assignments include singing it stoccato, tapping to the beat as you sing, etc.........  (Idea by Christine Hurst / ga08262009)

 Back to School Singing Time by Erin Bylund

 Back to School Singing Review by Nicole Harmon

(Credit Unknown) I've been thinking about something fun to do for Back to School (our school starts Aug 14).  I'm going to combine a couple of ideas I read on this website last year. I'm getting pencils for everyone and will write a star or something on the eraser of a few of the pencils. Pass the pencils around in one of those plastic boxes to the children and let them pick one to keep. If they get one with a star they get to come up and pick a folder out of my backpack. I will have folders with school subjects written on them. On the inside, I will have a Primary song that goes along with the subject. If the song is somewhat unfamiliar I can also put some visual aids so they can sing it. The subjects and songs I thought of are:
Biology = "My Heavenly Father Loves Me"
Art = "Primary Colors"
Spanish = "Children All Over the World"
Anatomy = "Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes"
Music = "Hum Your Favorite Hymn"
Reading = "Books in the Book of Mormon"
Recess = "Do as I'm Doing"
Math = "The 10 Commandments" (maybe)