(Luana Willis) I had a fun singing time last week for the 4th of July.  I got those "confetti poppers" and told the children we had daylight fireworks. I took the little round cardboard circle out of the ends and stuck a song inside and then replaced the cardboard. It was a big hit.  (Additional comments: I called my president and asked if she thought it'd be okay and she didn't think there'd be a problem. Then we had a bishopric member give a little message in the opening exercises - so I asked him too, right after they were dismissed. He thought it'd be okay too. I did it for the the 4th and my children just LOVED it! It sure was FUN! I had a bunch of them asking me how I got the songs in there and told them it was my special secret!)

Independence Day Singing Time by Aubrey Chaves

 Patriotic Song Booklets

 Patriotic Singing Time from I Sing U Sing

Build a flag - Laminate white poster board. Cut 7 red stripes, a field of blue with silver stars. Place songs on back and tape to white board. Torch (Statue of Liberty): Wrap foil around paper towel roll in torch shape. Sponge paint copper. Attach red/orange cellophane to end.  Insert extension cord through middle of roll. Wire with dimmer switch. Use red night light. Turn dimmer according to how they sing. Between songs ask questions:

1. What material is the Statue of Liberty made of? Copper
2. The Statue of Liberty was given to the U.S. to celebrate the 100th birthday of our Independence. Who gave it? France
3. What does the Statue of Liberty hold in her left hand? The Declaration of Independence.
4. There is something at the Statue of Liberty's feet the people seldom notice, what is it and what does it symbolize? A broken shackle symbolizing the overthrow of tyranny
5. Every President but one lived in the White House, who was he? George Washington
6. Who is said to have made the first American Flag? Betsy Ross
7. What do the colors of our flag stand for? Red-courage, white-liberty, blue-loyalty
8. What is our National Motto? Hint-It's printed on our coins. In God We Trust
9. Our national bird is a symbol of strength and power. What is it? The Bald Eagle

Sing "My Country" (pg 224): Have 2 children carry flags into room. As they walk past each row, have them stand and put hand on heart. March to the beat.

In the Leafy Treetops

4th of July Fishing - Attach flags to legs of table turned upside down (pond). Back smaller flags with poster board (fish). Write freedoms on back that correspond to songs. Talk about freedoms or tell short stories about people who don't enjoy them. (For example: We can choose-Choose the Right, Freedom to speak and sing-Hum Your Favorite Hum, etc.)

I told them I thought they could sing louder than fireworks, and if they did, I would "light" my "firecracker."  I had thought that those frozen yogurt "Push-Up" pops would make perfect looking fireworks. They have a stick with a disk that fits perfectly inside the tube that you can push up. I wound up replacing the tube with empty toilet paper rolls, so they were easier to push up.  I wrapped the tubes in red, white, and blue paper. I put push pins through the bottom of the plastic disk, and attached wired garland with stars to the handle, giving the impression of a firecracker. Then I had red, white, and blue balloons blown up and held them at the top of the "firecracker." I thrust the disk through the tube until the push pins reached the balloon, which of course popped.  Clear as mud? Basically, the paper tube "firecracker" was a clever way to disguise the push pins that pop the balloons.  But the effect was fun. The children couldn't see when the pins would reach the balloon, so it was always a surprise when one popped. I had adults only handle them, and when I got them singing really well, we had a "3 firecracker salute!"  Definitely our best singing in a very long time, if not ever! Balloons are fantastic as incentives, no matter how you pop them! And even better when used maybe only a couple of times a year! (Elaine Shankly)

Wave Flags - Make little American flags with paper and straws - wave the flags as you sing patriotic songs. (bendy straws make it easy to wave if the bend is on the bottom and you attach the flag to the top).

Lead With a Flag (have a child help lead with a flag)

 4th of July Singing Time by Jody Boyd