Celebrating a year of music

I got a cute idea for my Sunday school class and I also thought of a great way to adapt it to a singing time. I looked up what country or countries would be celebrating New year's during my class - meaning which time zone will hit midnight during my class and I'm going to find how they say Happy New Year's in that language - for instance: I'm in California so I can tell that Pakistan, Turkmenistan are two of the countries that will have midnight at 11:00 Pacific Standard Time - which is right when my Sunday school class will be closing but if I were back in Primary I would be ending my singing time.  So anyway, I think it could be fun to give the children the musical instruments in the cupboard, and have a countdown....songs that would fit would be Children All Over the World, Holding Hands Around the World, etc. (Idea by Amy)
New Year's Singing Time Idea by Lorri McHardy fulltext