Turkey with song names on feathers. Have children pick the feathers.

 A Thanksgiving Singing Time Twist by Brianne Call

 I googled a picture of a cornucopia and then cut the pieces from construction paper to make a poster size cornucopia where the pieces come off.  On the back of each piece is a fall/gratitude song.  I plan to use this as a singing time choosing poster and then use it as a filler for the remainder of November. (Idea by Christine Hurst / ga10292009)

Thanksgiving Sing-a-Story

 Thomas E. Normous

 Singing a song of Thanksgiving by Wendi Baggaley

A complaining girl who meets Mr. Gratitude by Julia Mumford  

 Thankful Jar by Mindy Byrnes

 Tom the Thankful Singing Turkey (Part 1) and (Part 2)

Thanksgiving Sing Story

 Something I did last week which was very easy and the children loved was I put the letters to THANKSGIVING on individual papers. We discussed the 2 words in 'Thanks and Giving' and the importance of them. A child would come up pick a letter out of my pumpkin and come up with a word that started with the letter they chose, that had something to do with 'what they were thankful for or a way that they could give or serve'. It gave them a large range of songs and songs they sang in a while (like the seniors singing give said the little stream for the letter G) and they loved it. The juniors needed a little prompting, but it turned out great. (Idea by Stefan Boyer)

 Camille's Primary Ideas - Turkey Toss

Primarily Singing

 Turkey Land of the Free

Leaf Pattern by Christian Ed Warehouse

Disguise the Turkey

Thanksgiving Singing Time

 Bring an object to be passed from child to child.  Like a small pumpkin or turkey stuffed animal (you can adapt your object to a theme).  While singing the song pass the object, when the song ends the child holding the object shares something they are thankful for.

(Idea shared by AnJanette Broderick / ga11102007)  I changed the words to "I am glad for many things"  to reflect some of the blessings we have been given.  Thought it might be good for this time of year.
I am glad for my fam'ly, the temple, the prophet
I am glad for many things that are mine today.
I am glad for the scriptures, all my friends, and my health.
I am glad for many things that are mine today.
Thank you, thank you, my heart sings, my heart sings.
Thank you for the many things that are mine today.

 Musical Myflower by Beehive Messages