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TALENTS (Having and developing your talents)

 Highlighting Talents
Ice cream sculpting by Sam Cousins

TALKS (How to give/prepare for a talk)

Better Talks - Invite someone qualified to speak to young women on ways to begin a talk, contents of a talk, using notes (so you aren’t reading the talk) and closing.  Include poise and how not to appear frightened.

TEMPLE (Temple Preparation and Temple Marriage)

Don't leave it up to fate!
 Rice Krispie Temple by Melanie Nish
 Temple Cans by Kathy Carbonneau
 Temple Cookies by Alison Dursteler
 Temple Dice Rolling Activity - We don't get to the temple by chance.  It takes goals, determination and work.
 Temple Fleece Blankets by Bronwyn Williams
 Temple Marriage Activity from Christy's Clipart
Temple Marriage Night by Megan
 Values leading to the temple by Trina L. Lewis
 Visit the Temple - We go to the temple, have a tour of the Visitor's Center and watch a video the missionaries put on for us. Then we went outside and walked around the temple grounds. We had a member of the Temple Presidency come outside and talk to the girls for 15 minutes, answering their questions. I like to go in the spring so there are the possibility of brides walking around taking pictures. I want to girls to see this is where they should be married. I, also, like to take a picture of them all together and frame it and give it to all of them at the next activity. To be honest, we have done this for three years in a row and it is one of the girl's favorites! (Credit Unknown)


 Baptisms for the Dead - Make sure your girls understand and appreciate the experience of doing baptisms for the dead before they actually go to the temple.  It will be a lot more meaningful and memorable if the ordinance is appreciated.
 Temple Service - This (see image below) was left on the cars at the temple tonight. What a wonderful way to have the youth put into action family history work. I love that the Come, Follow Me curriculum is not just a Sunday only program.  (Shared by Deb Hardy / LDS Teachers FB Group)


 $2 Testimony - For my sister's stake youth conference they did an activity that I think they called a "$2 dollar" testimony.  They took the youth (in groups) down into town and into different stores (they were up at Heber Valley camp) and each youth had $2 to spend on an object that represented part of their testimony.  They then meet together and each youth had an opportunity to show their item and tell how it related to their testimony (a nail - the atonement, etc.)  She said it was amazing the items they bought (only one kid just bought a candy bar and said his testimony was "sweet") most of the youth put a lot of thought into what they were buying and what it represented to them.  I think it was probably easier for them to bear their testimony because they could share it in telling about the item they bought.  I thought it was a great idea - they had fun but it was also spiritual.  (Idea by Lynette Packard)
 Belief Boxes
 Candle Dipping - When candle makers dip candles, the first dips are not very noticeable.  But each dip of the candle holds more wax and slowly a candle emerges and takes shape.  So it is with our testimonies.  It is strengthened by action, one layer at a time.  Dip candles together.


Fight for Food by Jill Revelli - Youth Service Activity
Pie baking contest.  Here are some fun printables that could be used for invites and awards.
Gratitude Photo Scavenger Hunt by Ruthi Caldwell
Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt by Talya Matheson
(Idea by Kelly Leatham) Our ward sends out a flyer with a list of Thanksgiving items before the activity so members have time to shop.  Then the YM/YW go on their scavenger hunt for the activity and separate out the foods to create full Thanksgiving dinners.  The priests along with the bishop deliver the dinners to members of the ward in need.  The kids love the activity and we do it every year.  Below is the flyer we send out:

The youth are having their annual Thanksgiving Scavenger hunt on ________ .  This event is to help families in need receive a Thanksgiving dinner!  The youth will be coming around that evening picking up the following items from any that would like to donate.

Turkey                                        Stuffing                                        Frozen Rolls
Ham                                          Cranberries                                 Yams
Potatoes                                   Pumpkin
Pie filling                                   Pie crusts
Canned Vegetables


 Taking Time for Yourself by Brandi Sorensen


 Temple Cans by Kathy Carbonneau


 Tithing Jars by Jessica Cooley

TOURS - You would have to plan these tours in advance.  Have each of the girls come up with a couple of questions to ask during the tour.  Choose to tour places your girls are interested in....for example, if a young woman in your group wants to be a doctor/nurse, tour your local hospital or care facility.  These kind of activities would help her and others see if it is an occupation they might me interested in pursuing.

 Visit a dentists office
Visit your local television station and watch them do a news broadcast. 


Young Women Gospel Golf Activity by Katie Poland


Rope Course - The youth are all blindfolded and paired off.  They are taken by leaders out of the church and guided to the starting point of the course and given the end of a rope.  One partner holds to the rope with one hand and to his/her partner with the other hand.  The main rope leads around the church grounds and back to the entrance.  However, other ropes with dead ends are also attached to the main rope.  After all the youth make it back discuss the experience and its relationship to our life, faith and the iron rod.