72 hour kit checklist(Word Doc) compiled by Shannon Voge / ga06042007
 For our families 72 hour kit we use a pair of hospital scrub pants and scrub top and a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt for each person. These are light weight to carry and cool for the hot days and worn together are layers for cold days or nights. We found some of the scrubs in like new condition at thrift stores.  Make sure that you keep sizes current.  For hydration, we keep individual packets of Gatorade powder in our kits to add to our water in our 72 hour backpacks.  (Idea by Barb Bennett / ga07282008)
 I remembered someone my mom worked with  announces once a year a surprise camping trip (she and her husband know before hand to plan) and everyone has to live off their 72 hour kit on the camping trip. It is a good way to rotate through food, make sure clothes fit, and teaches the children what is important to pack. If I remember right one time one of her girls had only packed candy - she was miserable after a couple of hours and then the parents let others share with her. (Idea by Aimee Marble)
Items for 72 hour kit
Life's Journey to Perfection
One tip we've enjoyed hearing from a local family - they eat what is in their 72 hour kit for General Conference weekend in April and October. That way they rotate their "stuff" and pack it with something they'll want to eat.  Another family rotates by going on a yearly traditional 72 hour kit picnic and has to eat whatever it contains. (Idea by Bonnie Brown)
We had a very good demonstration in Relief Society one night and the teacher mentioned that one of the lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina was to be sure and have fingerprints, pictures and other valuable information for children who may get separated from parents as well as your own ID information.  I don't have small children anymore but I decided to scan documents I might need and put them on a travel drive (in a waterproof baggie) that would take less room. It would also be important to have family pictures to prove that a child does belong to your family. This could also apply to pets. They are usually forgotten when tragedy hits. (by Norma Naranjo of Nevada / ga06132007)


 ARK-OLOGY 101 - A year long program
Be Prepared Activity
 Be Prepared, Not Scared by Barb Bennett - Primary Quarterly Activity
Family Survivor by Shelly Clines
Fruity First Aid
 Emergency Preparedness Activity involving children by Christy Schnegelberger
The theme of the night was "Family Fear Factor". First there was a potluck of items made from just basic food storage items, the variety was amazing, and it was fun to see how many kids returned over and over to enjoy the different basic foods. She had handouts, displays from ward members (water purification, dry pack canning equipment, pouch sealer, dehydrating, etc.) and the American Red Cross. Dinner was followed by a "Family Fear Factor" between several "teams". There were winners of each "heat" and then a Grand Prize Winning team. Some of the events were: first team to correctly apply a sling to a team member, shortest time to resuscitate the "Annie" (supervised by the Red Cross), carry a team member to safety, apply a splint to a "broken bone", use the "pouch sealer" to pack jelly beans, list on the blackboard basic food storage items, eat or drink a variety of foods (rabbit jerky, powdered milk and applesauce in a baby bottle, oatmeal and sardines, etc.)  It was a very fun evening and very well attended. (Idea by Denise Bound)

 ARK-OLOGY 101 - A year long program
Self-Reliance ~ Project Noah
Survivor Enrichment Activity by Wendy Hickman
 We Are All Enlisted 'Til the Conflict is O're by Lynda Whitlock
Year round emergency preparedness program

 Be prepared....be ye strong from henceforth - based off October 2005 Conference Report by Keith B. McMullin
I heard of a great one that was very effective. Everyone gathered for FHE and the dad told everyone that there was an emergency and they all had exactly 2 minutes to grab anything they felt was important to take and to meet in a designated spot. After meeting they went over the emergency plan they already had in place to see if it worked and discussed the things they brought. They had 4 teenage daughters...all but one made it in the time frame...she had a hard time deciding what to take. (Shared by Wendy James)
Mock Disaster Family Home Evening (Outline and Pictures)


 Emergency Preparedness Game

Chocolate Candy Bar Wrappers (1), (2), (3)
Mini Chocolate Candy Wrapper (1), (2), (3)
 My Preparedness Calling by Valerie Lee


(It) is Here! - Our intent is to create excitement and renewed enthusiasm for a tired theme, Emergency preparedness. Using a fun catch phrase “it”, we will provide materials to give renewed interest to you and your ward/neighborhood family. Our fun introduction of this theme with supporting materials will be on display and accessible for the web site. We will show our easy idea for creating renewed interest, our newsletter “it” which includes: inspirational thoughts (messages from our leaders), inventory time (home storage) Come and get “it”, inventory tasting (Recipes to help you use “it” up!), investing temporally - financial helps (“it” makes cents!), 72 hour kits, and informative tidbits. We will also show our ideas for dividing your ward into neighborhood units with Team Captains. We all need “it”!  (Women's Conference 2006)
Safeguarding the Family:  An Emergency Preparedness Plan - from Women's Conference 2006 and contains an outline, suggested resources and checklist.


LDS Emergency Preparedness Manual


Did You Think To Save?
Emergency Preparedness Song (sung to Yankee Doodle)


 Prepared, Not Scared by Lana Richardson


12 things you can do to help your family prepare for a disaster
Cute little sayings related to Emergency Preparedness....
Disaster Kit for the Car
Disaster Kit for the Car by Mala Lyon 
Documentation Binders  
Emergency Sawdust Candles
Food Storage Bank
Freezer Meal Group
How to make a five gallon bucket stove
How to put together and emergency preparedness kit


Be Prepared
(1) record current Emergency Preparation progress, (2) identify areas of need and focus quickly and easily (i.e. before going shopping) and (3) support the 3-Step Family and Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness program that is indirectly supported by LDS wards and stakes. Charts are approximately 2.50 each.
 Mother Hubbard: What she's doing now - interactive food storage guide


One Liners
Quick Quotes


Fruit Leather Fun ~ Wheat for Storage ~ Poison Proof your Home (March 1974)


 A 72 Hour Kit Story by Barb Bennett
Can you sleep while the wind blows?
The Ant and the Grasshopper - You can rent this children's book from your local library; however, it teaches us all the importance of being prepared.


Earthquake Quiz - An interactive quiz to see how much you know about earthquake prepardness.


Chef Noah
 Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness
Get Pandemic Ready - Practical solutions for individuals and families.
Prepared Not Scared