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 Ann shares an idea that she did with her Activity Day girls, "For one of our activity day we talked about budgeting money. I printed out a fake check for them and we learned how to write a check for a receipt I had from the grocery store. which most of them had no idea how. Then we discussed paying tithing first and then how much just food and a few other bills cost. Then we played the game "Payday" this was a great eye opener for them and how many bills they accumulated in just one month and how little their payday was when unexpected bills showed up. This is a great game I have seen it in Wal-mart or just about anywhere. This was a great budgeting money activity."  (ga06122008)
 Financial Classes for Young Women by Molly Jolley
 Money Matters by Brandi Ann
 Real Life Budgeting Activity by Sami Melinkovich
The Game of Life - Budget Activities from Pintrest


 5 steps to financial freedom by Jessica
Avoid Debt by Shanna VIneyard
Chocolate Gold Coins with the following attached, "The price of financial freedom is sweet, but it comes at a price."
 Handout Idea from Emma's Place
I am going to get a few bags of the gold coins and give them each 2 or 3 coins. Explain what a satisfying and "sweet" feeling it is to be in control of your money. (Idea by Rosana Sorensen)
Financial Responsibility Handout Idea by Angela Williams
 Whether you have a fortune or not...


 Becoming provident providers by Robert D. Hales


Escaping the debt trap by Janene Wolsey Baadsgaard, Ensign, August 1996
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