Lesson 11

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PURPOSE: To help each child gain the desire to have daily personal prayer.

1. Primary 7 Lesson Cards

2.  Being close to Heavenly Father - a fun object lesson for the children to understand the importance of being close to their Father in Heaven and that it takes work.

3. Jesus Christ teaches about prayer by Ericka Covalt - Power Point Presenation

4. Jesus Christ Teaches about Prayer - Extras by David Hill - Power Point Presentation

5.  I can receive answers to prayer, Sept 1989 Friend

6.  My prayer reminder (bookmark)

7. Jesus teaches about prayer Scripture Reader and  Video
8. Teach the children about the four steps of prayer (see image) and if there is time, review proper prayer language (thee, thine, etc.)

9. Prayer Rocks - Old idea but for young children take rocks pre-painted with bright solid color, acrylic paint, and the work PRAYER on it. Let them personalize their own rock with sticker dots or foam stickers, or paint pens.  (Idea by Kathee Merkley / ga07142008)

10. Kneeling while we pray by Jenny Compton

11. Video Clip - Family Home Evening Video Supplement, "Heavenly Father Answers Prayers," 2:42 min. (Video Clip #5).  Look for this video/DVD in your church library.

12. Valiant 10 Newsletter for Lesson 11 by Fran English

13. Handout from Emma's Place

14. My CTR Personal Prayer Chart by Alene Kells

15. Whitney's Prayer Chart by Whitney Garrett

16. Prayer Chains by Natalie Hill

17. Prayer Activity Sheet by Pam Nisson

18. Teaching Stripling Warriors

19. Rachael's Booknook

20. Chicken Scratch 'n Sniff

21. Valiant Newsletter Lesson 11 by Rudy and Lyn Montes