I had a boy with a flair for drama wait in the hall outside the Primary room.  He had various costumes which he modelled for the class...when I said "a baker wears something to protect him", he appeared in a chef's hat and a large white apron waving a wooden spoon..when I said "someone going to the beach wears something to protect him"..he appeard in a sunhat, sunglasses, shorts and a longsleeve shirt carrying sunscreen....when I said "a decorator" he struggled in wearing an oversize white coverall and carrying a large paint roller.  I then asked what a warrior might wear,  and listened to their replies. I then asked what sort of armour we should have to help protect and strengthen us and asked if the baker's clothes would help?  Or the decorator's? or maybe the sunscreen would be okay?  Then I read the scriptures D & C 27:15-18. 

After this my young volunteer put on each piece of armour one by one as I read each verse, the armour and shield made from cardboard covered with tinfoil, large socks sprayed silver, the skirt made from a thrift store purchase, and a toy sword. Then I asked if this armour would protect a warrior and if the spiritual preparation we read about would protect us and how we could get it and make it strong enough.  The children really enjoyed it.