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"Keep my commandments continually, and a crown of righteousness thou shalt receive."
~ Doctrine & Covenants 25:15


alt A day at the castle - Stake Activity Day Idea
alt Modest Princesses Mother/Daughter Morning
alt Paper Bag Princess Activity by Megan Okerlund
alt Princess Power - When they first come in they will be making a 'Princess Crown' out of pipe cleaners.  It takes four per crown.  Then they will pair up and trace each other on a long piece of butcher paper.  We will use this later.  They will learn about proper etiquette - how to set a table, how to fold napkins, proper manners at a table.  They will then set their own place setting (with our fine china!) with a place card and all.  Then they will come in for a presentation on modesty.  They will get to search in magazines for modest clothing. They will cut out an outfit and then go to their life-size paper doll and color it on them.  Then they will sit down and be served a luncheon and get to practice their etiquette.  The theme of 'Princess Power' is to show them that they really are special young ladies and that when they behave as one, they will become one." (Idea by Suzanne Stewart)


alt (Spanish) Daughter of God Bookmarks by Paola Martínez


alt Tiara - Daughter of God


alt Get some silver metallic pipe cleaners.  Give each girl 5-6 pieces.  Have them make their own crowns out of the pipe cleaners and/or beads.  Make a base for your tiara by threading some beads on the first pipe cleaner.  Space them evenly and curve the pipe cleaner into a shape to fit on head.  Thread beads onto remaining pipe cleaner by twisting the ends onto the base.  Be creative! (There are so many ways to do this, but here is one version, and another version)
alt Princess charm bracelet - Oriental trading has a lot of "Princess" stuff. That is where I have bought all of my stuff for our crafts. It has a princess (the YW), a king (the Lord), a castle (their home), a dragon (Satan) & a frog (their eternal companion). With the charms and the bracelet (also from there) it is under $3.00 each. (Idea by Shanna Mcclure)


alt Be Loyal to the Royal by Jessica Feth - Devotional & Handout Idea
alt Decorating Girls Camp with a Princess Theme by Paula Anglin
alt Our Royal Family of Heroes
alt Princess Theme Girls Camp - Heavenly Ever After


alt Be Loyal to the Royal by Jessica Feth - Devotional & Handout Idea
alt Inner Beauty Bags by Diana Nielsen - We are using these at camp as part of our "Princess Finishing School."
alt Once upon a time.... by Brandy Doty
alt We are using this for a handout- we got individually wrapped Fruit by the Foot in red and blue and attached this quote: "You are of royal birth and an important part of Heavenly Father's kingdom, so 'roll out the red carpet.' " (Idea by Jaimee Wadman)


alt Daughter of a King Handout/Invitation Idea
alt We had our "Daughter of a King" Young Women in Excellence a few weeks ago. For the invitations we found a package of pretty paper that looks like a scroll and used some old English language. It said: "Hear Ye, Hear Ye!  All princesses (young women) of the ______ ward and their parents are cordially invited to Young Women in Excellence...an evening to celebrate "Daughters of a King".  The royal event will begin at seven o'clock on Wednesday the Fourteenth day of November at the church.  We then rolled them up and sealed them with the gold torch stickers used in the Personal Progress books. (Idea by MarNae Lord)


alt I am a princess by Julie de Azevedo 99 cent download fee
alt Warriors for the Lord - The song references being Daughters of a King


alt Be Loyal to the Royal Within


alt Activity Day Recognition Idea
alt Buy or rent from library the book, "Paper Bag Princess"
alt Our Royal Family of Heroes (Girl's Camp Theme)


alt Princess Poem
alt The crown you earn by Wylene O'Barr
alt Two princesses by Susannah Walton


alt Activity and Craft Idea ($15)
alt Be Loyal to the Royal Within You - beautiful song!
alt Daughter of A King (Sheet Music)
alt "I am a Princess," Julie De Azevedo (Music)
alt Princess Rubber Bracelets from Oriental Trading


alt Be the girl of your dreams
alt Daughter of a King Presentation by Rachel Nunes
alt Daughter of a King Program
Once upon my time....happily ever after by Julie Williams - Standards Night Idea
alt Princess New Beginnings Idea - For New beginnings we made the relief society room into our castle. The door coming in had a castle around it made up of butcher paper and a draw bridge from cardboard with a paper chain was how you came through the door.  We made a red carpet (that we still use for welcoming new Beehives) from a red sheet cut in half length wise and ran down between the chairs. At the front of the room was another  castle out of butcher paper.  For our program we had a readers theater about three princesses and how the prepared to find a prince by using handbooks that they had received 6 years ago to study. These were likened unto the Personal Progress and For the Strength of Youth. We told the story of the paper sack princess and then each girl received a paper sack with a crown (Burger King crown spray painted gold) a scepter (a star on a dowel painted gold then the value colors on it) and a scroll w/ the story of the Crown You Earn.  For refreshments we had a princess cake and hot chocolate. It went great. We carried this theme to our Young Women in Excellence with a night in Camelot dinner. (Idea by Shantrell Ritter)
alt The Plain Princess


alt "Be loyal to the Royal within you, for you are the Daughter of a King." (Harold B. Lee)
alt "I am a child of royal birth.  My Father is king of heaven and earth.  My spirit was born on the courts on high. A child beloved, A Princess am I." (Harold B. Lee)
alt One Liners


alt Audra's Little Scraps offers a darling Digital Scrapbook Kit - Ladybug Princess, Daughter of a King


alt Modesty Princess Skit
alt Princess of Value Skit
alt Sally Ann the Modest Princess


alt Daughters of Zion by Russell M. Nelson, November 1985 New Era
alt Young Women Fireside from 1981