Conference Bingo
alt Conference Chase by Ondrea Slade
alt Conference Pumpkin Hunt
alt Conference snickers and hugs by Janna Barnes - here is an idea to keep things simple
alt LDS Bingo
alt 2010 April General Conference Jeopardy by Michelle Miles
alt April 2010 Conference Jeopardy by Linda Harper
alt October 2009 General Conference Jeopardy by Linda Harper
alt October 2010 General Conference Jeopardy by Linda Harper


alt 3 get to know you games  
alt A Shoe About You
alt Balderdash by Annalee Gomm / ga10232007 - A get to know you version of Balderdash
alt Bingo game: We made a piece of paper that had 25 squares. Each square was for a name. Each person went around the room and got everyone's name. Correct spelling!!! We all sat down after 10 min. We were in a circle. We went around the circle and said who we were. You got to cross off the name and whoever got bingo got a mini candy bar. WE HAD A BLAST!!!! (Shay in Nebraska)
alt Candy Bar Get-to-know you
alt Conversation Cards
alt Building each other up! - Each table has a bag of a few things: marshmallows, stick of gum, straws, index cards, paper clips, etc. Each table has 5 minutes to see who could build the tallest structure without it falling, using only the on the table.
alt Envelope Game
alt Fast Friends by Lara Purdie - Similar to how Speed Dating works, each person is paired up and then rotates to a new person.
alt Friendship Circle
alt Get to know you night / Youth Activity
alt Get to know your parent by Lizz White
alt Getting To Know You - Wok-n-tok by M'Shelle Dixon
alt Give me that Hershey Bar! Dice are passed around the table with everyone shaking once until someone gets doubles.  The one getting doubles quickly puts on athletic socks (for gloves), a hat, and sunglasses, picks up a knife and fork and tries to cut himself a bite of the Hershey bar before someone else shakes doubles.
alt Gummi Bear Game by Aimee Shuldberg
alt Ice Breakers!
alt If this is you...
alt I've never _________ Game!
alt Jenga by Heather D. White
alt M&M Activity
alt Me in a Bag
alt Musical Chairs Game
alt My name is icebreaker
alt Pick up sticks mixer game 
alt Relief Society: Getting-to-know you party
alt Silent Interviews
alt The envelope game
alt The penny game
alt The Yarn Game
alt Trading Spaces
alt Vortex
alt Wok & Talk


alt A game of values by Lisa from Washington
alt Are you as smart as a priesthood bearer? by Jessica Feth
alt Be Thou An Example Jeopardy by Laurette Woodward
alt Book of Mormon Pictionary
alt Are you smarter than a Primary child? by Michelle Pack
alt Book of Mormon Survivor
alt Choose the Right Gameboard by Michelle Barton
alt Family Feud by Terri Harper
alt Gospel Jeopardy by Adam Parrish
alt Gospel Matching Game by Andrea Walker
alt Hollywood Squares Game about the life of Joseph Smith by Julie
 Jeopardy by Mimi Petty
alt LDS Family Feud by Tiersa Ludlow
alt New Era Bowl - Have a New Era bowl. Ask everyone months in advance to read each issue of the magazine. At the bowl, ask teams predetermined questions about articles. Award small prizes to winning teams.
alt Old Testament People Game
alt Primary Matching Game by Kisa Smith
alt Scripture Matching Game by Megan Buhler
alt Scripture Taboo
alt So you think you know the scriptures by Deb Roberts
alt The Last Straw Review Game (Book of Mormon)
alt “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?”:  Play the game Carmen San Diego, only use Church History and geography questions instead.  The young women work in teams of 4-5 and can get prizes.  Have 3 rounds and use the cultural hall so they can travel.

Finch Family Games has a fun series called "Family First" Volumes 1 and 2.  These games teach basic values of respect, work, kindness, manners, honesty and all those things important in raising a super citizen!  Children can never be taught these values too much!  Sugardoodlers get these books for 50% off.  Great gifts for your neighbors and friends.


alt Get to know you questions
alt Ice breaker bowls


alt Cub Scout Brainiac by Cindy Anderson
alt Jellybugs by Bek
alt Mad Libs
alt Tower of Flour Game by Jill Garrison
alt Youth Game Show by Janessa Couch
alt A What?
alt Baby Steps
alt Candy Bar Concentration from The Idea Door ( 
alt Candy Clue - A Matching Game
alt Fruit Basket
alt Group Jump Rope
alt Hot name?
alt Human knot
alt Poison Apples or Snowballs - Roll up newspaper into balls and wrap in duct or packaging tape to keep into "balls". You could also make "sock balls". Divide area into 2 teams/2 sides. Set a timer and teams throw "balls" across at other team. When timer goes off, team w/ fewest SNOWBALLS on their side of the divided room wins.
alt Tower of Flour Game by Jill Garrison
alt Where am I? - I took pictures at funny angles of areas around town (or you could do your neighborhood). I had about 12 of them and hung them around the room. Just numbered them 1-12 and everyone had to guess where I was. It was fun.


alt Balloon Relay
alt Everyone was asked to bring two identical things from home (i.e. two hammers, two sharpies, two alt brooms) and the leaders provide five red balloons, five blue balloons, a trash can, and two rolls of masking tape. You divide youth in two teams...the red team and the blue team...each gets five balloons of their team's colors and half of the identical household items. The goal was for each of the groups to build some sort of MacGyver (80's TV Show Fix-it Guy that always managed to save the world) tool to take the balloons one at a time to the trash can which was set under the basketball goal. They couldn't step into the free throw area. After they deposited each balloon they had to take apart the Tool and put it back together. They LOVED it and had a blast. (Idea by Stephanie Thomas / ga04062007)
alt Ice skating game - Have the first child in the group put on a pair of mittens or gloves, a hat, and a scarf. Then put 2 pieces of paper on the floor and have the children "ice skate" to the end of the room, around a chair, and back to their team. Then the next child goes. The object is to keep the pieces of paper under your feet the whole time. (Shannon Jeffords)
Snowball relay - place a bowl with cotton balls and a large spoon in front of each child. Have the first person place a "snowball" on the spoon (without touching it with their hands) and run to the end of the room where another bowl waits and deposit their snowball. Then each child follows.
alt We had two identical Lego structures with two people in the gym who could see it. Then we had two people they explained it to. Those two explained it to two others. Those two explained it to two others who tried to build it at the other end of the hall with a set of Legos. It was hilarious to see what they came up with. (Idea by Stephanie Thomas / ga04062007)
You put cotton balls on a table. You put a dab of Vaseline on the end of the kids nose. They have to run to the cotton ball and pick one up with their nose and run back and tag their teammate. It is a super fun relay race.
alt Minute to Win It - LDS Style by Megan Good 


alt At my 10 year old's slumber party we made homemade pizzas (a big hit), stamped and decorated a note pad, tied a quilt, and watched 2 movies. I tied most of the quilt, but the girls really liked helping out. It was a gift for my daughter, so it was relevant to the party. (Idea by Maria Prescott)
alt Bean-bag toss (make holes in a large cardboard box and throw socks rather than buying something)
alt Bowling with pop bottles
alt Hot potato
alt Memory games (I'm going to grandmas, and I'm taking . . .)
alt Musical Chairs
alt Pin the Tail on the Donkey (or any related pin the ____ on the _____)
alt Present-opening games
alt Read-aloud stories, add-on stories
alt Red-light/green-light, what time is it Mr Wolf, etc.
alt Relay races (obstacles, eggs, dress-up, three-legged, etc.)
alt Some free-play time after presents are opened


alt Shadow Tag - The object of the game is for “It’s” shadow to touch that of another player. The owner of the touched shadow then becomes “It,” and so on. If the sun goes behind a cloud, play ordinary tag until it comes out again.  (Idea taken from the June 1995 Friend Magazine)