I had my niece make two wedding cakes for me. I had a big table and decorated it beautifully. I had fresh flowers and a sign with the picture of the temple with," I'm going there some day" on it. And a pitcher of water with lemon and limes in it for us to drink. I had only one cake for them to see and had the other cake hidden in the kitchen so for all they knew there was just one cake.  As the lesson went on I asked the girls,"Why would you get so close and blow it by not being morally clean, or taking drugs or smoking or drinking that lead you down another path, or dating boys that can't take you to the temple, because you marry who you date.  Is it worth marring someone that can't take you to the temple?  Is it worth it to THROW it all away? And I picked the beautiful cake and threw it in the garbage can and then I picked up the pitcher of water and poured it over the top and said, "You've just thrown it all away and was it worth it to lose all those blessings? Remain faithful, remain clean, and pure." The room was so quiet, it was amazing and a lot of tears in the room. It was a very effective way to get the point across. And then the Young Women's president said a few words and then we brought in the other cake and had it for our refreshments.