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 Everyday Object Lessons on Adversity

 Life is like a kite - Trials, like the wind, push against us each day. The resistance they provide, like the wind, keeps us, like the kite, up and going.

 Life Stains All - through repentance our souls can become clean again

 Making our burdens light - When we follow the Savior, He will ease our burdens and make them light.

 Object Lessons on Adversity from Mormon Share

 Seed of Faith by Yvonne Wilding - We have the potential to do great things if we faithfully endure our trials.

 Trials and Cake

Place a lightweight ball (such as a table tennis ball) in the bottom of a large glass jar with a lid. Fill the rest of the jar with uncooked wheat or rice, and put the lid on. Shake the jar up and down. As you do so, the ball will gradually rise to the top of the jar.  Explain that though the ball started at the bottom of the jar, it rose to the top because it is lighter than the wheat that surrounds it. Similarly, if we keep a positive attitude about our trials, we can rise above them instead of being kept down by them. (Preparing for Exaltation, Lesson 6, Enrichment Activity 2)