alt Alma the Younger and Sin
alt Satan's Web


alt Tell the children that you are going to play hide and seek with them.  But this game is different from the usual hide and seek.  You, the teacher, will close your eyes and count to 10.  They are to remain in their chairs and look around the room for a place to hide.  Once they pick a place in their minds where they are hiding they cannot change their minds.  After you are done counting open your eyes and choose which child you're going to "find" first.  You get three guesses where the child is.  (Example: "I think you're hiding behind the piano." OR "I think you're hiding behind the chalk board.") If you do not guess correctly after three tries, the child goes to the place and shows you where they imagined they were hiding.  If you guess correctly, the child takes your place and chooses someone and becomes the guesser or seeker. After everyone has been "found" say, "Hide and seek is fun. It's especially fun when you think you may have found a spot where no one can find you.  In the same sense, this game can seem like sin.  It may seem like fun but it is not and it is not a game.  We cannot hide sin.  We make mistakes, but we can repent." (Adapted from  Child Ministry Sunday School Helps)


alt Don't take the bait!
alt Israelites Cycle of Apostasy by Trudy Montgomery
alt Just once will hurt by Elizabeth White
alt Kryptonite Devotional by Cheryl Jorgensen
alt Resisting Sin Handout from Emma's Place
alt Sailboat
alt Satan's Trap


alt Just once will hurt
alt Little by Little
alt You're never big enough


alt A lesson with makeup - We aren't perfect.  We are going to sin.  How to teach about the Atonement.
alt Addiction
alt It protects us - This object lesson could be used to show how we lose protection when we sin.
alt I'm going to blow up a balloon and draw a face with a permanent marker on it ahead of time as well as tie a cute bow on a needle. During the lesson, I'm going to show the girls the balloon and tell them that it represents YOU, then I'm going to describe how the needle represents JUST ONE sin that Satan made look attractive. Then, I'm going to say what if you do this sin? and pop the balloon with the needle to represent that it only takes JUST ONE try or sin to destroy you.  (Idea by Mary Ann Call / ga09262009)
alt Morality - Brown Egg Yolk
alt Resisting Sin
alt Sin spoils
alt We are lifted up


alt The sting of the scorpion


alt One Liners
alt Quick Quotes


alt Don't get hooked!
alt Don't snuggle with pumpkins
alt That is good driving by President Spencer W. Kimball
alt The Banana and Monkey Story by President Kimball
alt The Royal Household of God
alt The Spider and the Fly
alt The Little Boy and the Rattlesnake
alt Tragedy in Rayad - by Ardeth G. Kapp
alt Which wolf will win?
alt Windshield Wiper Lesson