Our stake just threw a "Day at the castle", for our Activity Day girls. We invited all girls 8 - 11 to attend the event, it ran from 10 am to 3 pm. We had several classes and rotated the girls. (Please see below for more information on the classes.) The event was well attended and everyone enjoyed it. If I were to change anything it would be to lengthen the quilting class to 45 minutes, to make it equal time like the princess diaries class. The girls really loved the quilting class.

Also we have a very wonderful sister in our Stake who wrote a story just for the Activity Day girls. We set a throne up for Sister Mary Brenchley and the girls sat on the floor in front of her as she read the story she wrote and then shared the meaning and her personal testimony of all of us being daughters/heirs of a King our Father in Heaven. This was the spiritual tie into being princesses. Girls received wands from the knight to go with the story.  (Mary Brenchley has given permission to have her story shared here...thanks Mary! - [Word] [pdf] )


Sign in and receive name badge and paper tiara. A Knight will greet the girls as they enter building/cultural hall with a trumpet sound to announce them to the cultural hall. 

10:00 Gathering  In front half of cultural hall (with out stage) 

Helpers will assist the princesses in craft....decorate tiaras and time filler of bracelets, and game. 

10:15 Welcome and Opening Prayer                                                                              

Rotate between manners and craft classes, each class is 30 minutes, 10:20-11:20, switch at 10:50 girls will be grouped by age.

     1st group will go into the Young Women’s room to manners class

     2nd group will stay in cultural hall to make placemats and learn place setting.

Proper Place Setting: Developing talents  “Everything in it’s Place”

A sister will teach about proper place settings.  The girls will trace silverware and plates on placemats that will be covered with contact paper.

Manners Class: Developing talents   “Mind Your Manners"

A sister will teach the girls about manners and etiquette in a funny upbeat skit. 

All gather in cultural hall for lunch at 10:55 and have a prayer over food.

Lunch  Buffet served by leaders

Cultural Hall (near stage)

Girls will receive: plate, napkin, cup and silverware to set their own place at the tables.

Dessert 11:15 Serve to table

11:25- 12:10  Story Time  (near stage in cultural hall)   “Once Upon a Time”

Sister Brenchley will read/share insights on her story about a king and his daughter who is sent on a journey with a knight, dove, and mirror. Girls will receive wands from the knight to go with the story.

Take group picture .  Then split into 2 groups, rotate to afternoon classes:

1st class 12:15-1:15

2nd class 1:20- 2:20

Journal: Learning & Living the Gospel, Developing Talents, Serving Others, & My Testimony

“Princess Diaries”

A sister will teach about journal writing (testimony).  Girls will write testimony and decorate personal journals.

Quilting Class: Developing talents, Serving others

“Royal Stitch”

Group will split into 2, classes will be 30 minutes in length, one goes to missionary class, other stays for quilting, then switch.  A sister will teach the girls how to tie quilts to be donated to shelter/hospital.

Missionary Class: Serving others  

“In The Service of your King”


All gather together at 2:25 and close with prayer.

2:30- 3:00  Closing outside activity

Go outside for water activities and popsicles.

Girls go home with:  Journal, tiara, bracelet, placemat, wands and backpacks.  We also have the a picture frame craft just in case of bad weather.