alt 12 Pains of Christmas
alt A Journey to the Valley - Lots of different activities to do at a Pioneer related activity.
alt A Night in Zarahemla by Staci Jackman
alt A Pioneer Christmas by Tiersa Ludlow
alt Academy Award Night - Although I generally prefer family activities, one of our most memorable was an academy award night, which was an adult activity. We had an MC, who tied the whole event together and announced each category. Ward members dressed up as celebritities and presented awards for each category. We had best song, (then had ward members perform as the winner was played) best movie (showed a clip of each nominee, and then showed longer clip of the winner - the old Johnny Lingo). There were other "bests" and all the presenters really got into their characters. It was hysterical.  (Idea by Lisa Fowler / ga01312008)
alt Adult Valentine Party by Lyn
alt An Un-birthday Party
alt Birds of a Feather by Ann Forsey
alt Book of Mormon Fiesta by Debbie Brown 
alt Chili Cookoff by Melanie Day
alt Christmas in Nauvoo by Paige Moore
alt Christmas Party
alt Christmas Party Idea - Last night we had our Christmas Party and it was wonderful. Theme: How the Grinch stole Christmas. The decorations were very cute. The play was done very well and the children and adults really enjoyed it. Members were encouraged to dress as Whoville Characters. After Dinner, the kids made a grinch ornament, decorated a christmas tree cookie and had a cake walk. (Idea by Becky Pedraza)
alt Circus Themed Activity by Shelley Clines
alt Emergency Preparedness Activity involving children by Christy Schnegelberger
alt Esther's Feast by Caroline Irwin
alt Family Fear Factor
alt Game Show Showdown by Jennie Decker
alt Halloween Carnival from the Scriptures - This activity could be done on a small or large scale.  It could be used as a Quarterly Activity, Ward Activity or Family Party!
alt Hawaiian Luau
alt Hillbilly Hoedown
alt Holiday Dinner
alt International Christmas Party by Staci Leavitt
alt Iron Chef
alt Jellybugs by Bek
alt Let it Snow
alt Medieval Dinner
alt Medieval Dinner (could easily be adapted to a Ward Party)
alt Murder Mystery Activities
alt Neighbor Swap - This is where everyone brings stuff they don't want and leave with stuff they do want - or nothing at all. Some could bring nothing and go home with "stuff". It's all in how you look at it.  You could do a breakfast or lunch according to time of day.  Anything left over at the end of the day goes to a local charity (like Goodwill).  Make sure to specify NO JUNK! Only usable items!
alt Patriotic Pioneer Day Activity by Renee Howard
alt Picnic in Nauvoo
alt Picture a Christmas by Tiffany Unsworth
alt Pinewood Derby Dinner by Lisa Parent
alt Pioneer Pastimes
alt Scripture Taboo (Could be adapted as a ward activity)
alt Service Auction
alt So you think your ward has talent? by Janelle Webster
alt Sock Hop
alt Some Chicken Lickin' Fun!
alt Square Dancing - My most favorite ward activity was square dancing. We hired a professional couple and they were able to give quick directions then continue calling the rest of the evening. It was great because it involved all ages. It was loads of fun. (Idea by Kandise Forsberg / ga01242008)
alt Super Halloween Party Idea by Bonnie Howell
alt Talent Show - My favorite Ward activity was hosted by the Young Men and Women. They MC'd and preformed along with the Bishopric. We had just moved into the ward and it was a great way to get to know more people and bring in the inactives.  (Idea by KayDee Ince / ga01312008)
alt The Twelve Pains of Christmas
alt The Ultimate Game Night
alt Trick or Treat Activity
alt Trunk or Treat Activity
alt Trunk or Treat Parking - Last night I attended my grandson's ward for their Halloween party. It was great. They did the trunk-or-treating by having everyone back their car into the parking places right up to the sidewalk all around the building. That way the children walked on the sidewalk around the building and did not have to walk in the parking lot to do the trunk-or-treating. That particular building has parking on 3 sides and the front side faces the street.  People who were not participating in the trunk-or-treating parked their cars in the outside parking places.  It worked out great! Two wards combined for the event and they figured there were about 300 people in attendance.  Many people mentioned that they had never thought of parking the cars that way before. Just thought I would pass it along. (Idea by Donna Cuillard)
alt Trunk or Treat Soup Dinner
alt Turning Hearts by Shelley Clines
alt Valentine's Dinner ~ Country Hoedown by Mari Joyce
alt Ward Campout
alt Ward Car Wash
alt Ward Family History Activity Ideas
alt Ward Swap and Chili Cookoff by Brandy
alt You Tube Ward Party by Janelle Webster


alt The best place to collaborate on Ward Activity Ideas is the LDS Activities Yahoo Group.  If you'd like to join this group, click here to go to their website.


alt Adult's Only Party with kids? How does that work?? by Loretta Tomshack
alt Need help figuring out how much food to provide for the party?  Check this website out.....
alt Ten Commandments of Successful Potlucks by Joyce
alt TIPS from Mari Joyce (ga10192007) - Plan an overview of the whole year (usually best at the end of the year, planning for the next) This is helpful because then you can be looking ahead for things you might need throughout the year. Also, if you ward does a camp out then it's best to reserve space in January. Keep good notes of what you plan so to be able to use them for planning for the next year. Keep track of how much food was bought and then get a head count at the activity so to plan according for next activity. It is also very helpful for the New head of the committee to plan. Be sure to plan ahead to reserve date with the Bishop- be sure to check the upcoming year calendar for Holidays (especially Easter).


alt   One Liners on Ward Activities