The following flannel board stories are from the LDS magazine called The Instructor -- it was basically the pre-Ensign magazine (made before 1971).  They made a colored insert in the middle of the magazine for use in the family, all of which were done by Marie F. Felt.  They were also made them into kits for the church libraries and some still have them available today (mine does!).  Heidi Weatherston has taken the time to put them together for your use.  Heidi writes, "I scanned them all in--I have a set of them that I put together.  Mine are all mounted on cardstock, laminated and have magnets on the back."  Thanks Heidi!!

 A Father's Love Rewarded (Alma the Younger)
 A Message of Great Importance (Missionary Work)
 Abraham ~ Beloved of God
Adam and Eve Flannel Board Printable by Pamela Odd
 Adam Named the Animals
 Adam Was A Great Man
 Alma Preaches the Word of God (Alma and Abinadi)
 Baptism, A Requirement for Membership
 Christ Among the Nephites - Part I
 Christ Among the Nephites - Part II
 Christ and the Rich Young Ruler
 Christ Taught Us To Pray
 Christmas Came First in Palestine
Creation Flannel Board Printable by Pam Odd
 Daniel Had Courage To Do Right
 David and Goliath
 Easter ~ A Very Special Day
 Elisha and the Woman of Shunem
 For God So Loved The World
 Gideon, Brave and Humble Servant of God
 God Blessed the Prophet Elijah
 God Blesses Joseph in Egypt
 How All the World Knew
How often shall one forgive?