by Celeste Casey / ga10052007

We have done 'stump the bishopric' which is kind of like a trivia game. The youth had to bring something from home that they could find a scripture to relate it to. One girl brought a ruby type necklace and found a scripture that said a women's  virtue is more valuable than rubies-- the bishop related it to a scripture about Jezebel. Another one brought a toy gun and the scripture for his was 'vengeance is mine' -- the bishop related it to 'wars and rumors of wars'.

Anyway, every item was placed in its own brown lunch bag and put on a table. we started the activity and the bishopric came in and sat at the table. They would take turns opening one bag at a time and they had 30 seconds to find a scripture that would relate to that item. If they could not find one (they had to find it and turn to it to read it) then they were officially 'stumped' and the YM/YW would tell them which scripture they picked and how they related the item to that scripture. The YM/YW would then get a 'prize' for stumping the bishopric. (we gave them a small baggie of candy). Our bishopric only got stumped twice. one was a wooden bowl with a lid on it -- the scripture was in Nephi I think about being learned in iron, wood, and ore or something. and the other one was an old rag-- the scripture for that one was when Moroni rent his coat.

In the end the bishop talked about how the scriptures are amazing and he tied it all together. the kids had a lot of fun, and they got to get to know their bishop a lot better.

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