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 Before Primary place on a table objects that represent things lost in the Apostasy, such as GAK 208 (baptism), a sacrament cup (the sacrament), tithing envelope (tithing), miniature temple or temple picture (temples and church buildings), necktie (bishop and other priesthood holders), scriptures (understanding of scriptures), backpack (missionary work), flashlight (revelation), and a vial of consecrated oil (priesthood blessings). Cover the table with a cloth. Review the events leading to the Apostasy. Let the children look at the items on the table, and ask them to try to remember all of the items. While the children sing “The Church of Jesus Christ” (p. 77) or “The Sixth Article of Faith” (p. 126), use the cloth as a visual barrier and remove some of the items listed above. Invite the children to look at the table and try to remember which items are missing. As each item is mentioned, ask the children what they think it might represent in terms of the Apostasy. Discuss how that ordinance or blessing was lost. Ask about the remaining items. Express gratitude for the restoration of all these things. (Idea taken from the May 2006 Sharing Time Suggestion)

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